Date: 31st July 2013 at 2:51pm
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Vital Pompey Towers is looking for its fellowship to share some views with us ahead of the new season. Terraceman is next to step up.

With the new season almost here it would be nice to get a few last minute answers to a few questions.

Next up is Terraceman

1 – Are you looking forward to the season? (Expand on more than just ‘yes or no’ please!)
Looking forward to the season, and anticipating us doing well. It feels like going back in time and it is an awfully long way up to the bottom half of the championship, which is I feel, our rightful position – that is, without a Sugar Daddy to fund us.

2 – What are your hopes/expectations for it?
I expect nothing less than promotion. This is, I understand, totally irrational. However, in my defence, I point to all those punters and bookies whose odds on us are inexplicably, ridiculously optimistic. What do they base their predictions on? I hope that we play exciting football worthy of our superb fan base, and I hope that we are able to show all of our opponents, that is both the Clubs and their supporters, absolute and total respect.

3 – Which summer signing are you most excited about?
Ryan Bird – I hope he has a great season and bags 18 goals. Off his knee, mishits, penalties, offsides – yes I expect the refereeing standard to be rubbish – Everything gratefully accepted.

4 – Players we have lost we have lost for a reason but which one, if any; that has gone do you feel we will most miss?
I was going to say Gyepes for his goals from set pieces, but I feel Eastwood will be missed. We must be solid at the back, and the two custodians do not fill me with any confidence – at this time.

5 – Your tip for the player of the season?
Like many of the Blue persuasion, I have a soft spot for people who put in a shift – any takers?

6 – Do you plan many, if any, Fratton visits this season?
Maybe two or three games around public holidays; my enjoyment is to go to away games with my three brothers and a mate who has been a fan as long as I have.

7 – Which club, if any, are you most looking forward to coming to Fratton?
Nah, not expecting any problems with any other team. Surely we have nothing to prove at Fratton? Send them all packing!

8 – An away day? Is there a club you are most looking forward to us going to?
Of the three clubs who went down with us, Bury mirror us in having had a stay of execution, and are looking forward to the new season. Apparently they have signed a new team, just like us?

Play Up Pompey!

Thanks to Terraceman, hopefully others will follow suit and fire the answers through to us at VP Towers via email to the address below.

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