Date: 1st August 2013 at 12:54pm
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Vital Pompey Towers is looking for its fellowship to share some views with us ahead of the new season. Emsworthianblue is next to step up.

With the new season almost here it would be nice to get a few last minute answers to a few questions.

Next up is Emsworthianblue

1 – Are you looking forward to the season? (Expand on more than just ‘yes or no’ please!)
Absolutely. This close season has seemed longer than ever with the fan’s take-over late last season and no summer football tournament as a distraction of note (no disrespect intended to the ladies game).

2 – What are your hopes/expectations for it?
I am hoping to see some attacking, entertaining football and I really hope we are in the play off mix at the end of the season.

3 – Which summer signing are you most excited about?
All of them, they all have a job to do if we are to have a successful season.

4 – Players we have lost we have lost for a reason but which one, if any; that has gone do you feel we will most miss?
Probably Racon, but if he doesn’t want to be here…….

5 – Your tip for the player of the season?
I hope it’s impossible to select just one!

6 – Do you plan many, if any, Fratton visits this season?
All of them with my season ticket!

7 – Which club, if any, are you most looking forward to coming to Fratton?

8 – An away day? Is there a club you are most looking forward to us going to?
Plymouth again. I like Home Park and proper pasties!

9 – If you would like to add anything else please do below…
I sincerely hope that if the start is a little slower, or a little more tentative than we would like that the ‘how sh1t must you be etc’ chants do not resurface. They were funny ONCE and it has been admitted by the players that it did have a negative effect! If you want instant success then please feel free to go somewhere else. All in all though, it would be nice to leave the Fratton End wearing a smile and not wanting to boot the away team bus on the way past!!

Thanks to Emsworthianblue, hopefully others will follow suit and fire the answers through to us at VP Towers via email to the address below.

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  • I would think after today (Oxford) you will change some of those comments. And pasties come from Cornwall not Devon!! Not to nag but my Cornish pals would.

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