Date: 1st August 2013 at 2:48pm
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Vital Pompey Towers is looking for its fellowship to share some views with us ahead of the new season. Pompeytim is next to step up.

With the new season almost here it would be nice to get a few last minute answers to a few questions.

Next up is Pompeytim

1 – Are you looking forward to the season? (Expand on more than just ‘yes or no’ please!)
Yes, but not to a stupid extent. I have my feet on the ground about Pompey, having been burnt in recent seasons. I’m just pleased that things are pointing to a “normal” season for a change – if life in League Two can ever be described as normal for us.

2 – What are your hopes/expectations for it?
I think that “hope” is the operative word. I don’t “expect” very much to be honest. When you have a brand new squad, all of which have been picked up for free, you can’t get too far ahead of yourself. It always takes time to come together, and I doubt that every player is oozing with quality, but time will tell. I hope for play-offs, but expect solid mid-table. If we are battling the drop then questions will need to be asked.

3 – Which summer signing are you most excited about?
I like the sound of Padovani. Sounds like he could be an interesting player to have in the squad. However, he’ll do well to outshine the man Wallace, assuming he is still here when the transfer window shuts.

4 – Players we have lost we have lost for a reason but which one, if any; that has gone do you feel we will most miss?
Nobody really. Rocha is seen as a “miss”, but I think its time for him to move on. We need people who really want to be here. If Rocha had wanted to be here, he would be & he isn’t. The only surprise was Eastwood. A short-sighted move by him, but he is far from irreplaceable.

5 – Your tip for the player of the season?
It’ll be a tough league, but people can still play. Assuming he stays & stays fit, it’ll be Wallace.

6 – Do you plan many, if any, Fratton visits this season?
I hope to do them all, but midweek may be tricky given that I work in London.

7 – Which club, if any, are you most looking forward to coming to Fratton?
Plymouth. One of the few decent sized clubs in L2 & a city that I have many family connections with. I will certainly look forward to that one.

8 – An away day? Is there a club you are most looking forward to us going to?
I doubt I’ll be trekking up & down like I used to. I have too many other things I like to do & spending all Saturday on the road isn’t really for me any more. However, I will look to make a few trips. For the reasons given to 7 above, I will be looking to make a trip to Plymouth. I’ll also make a trip to Torquay I expect (if I can get a ticket). I have friends in a place called Islington who I haven’t seen in ages, which isn’t too far away, so will try & tie it all in if I can. Other than that, it’ll just be matches where it makes an interesting weekend. Day trips for 90 mins of L2 footie aren’t too exciting!!

Thanks to Pompeytim, hopefully others will follow suit and fire the answers through to us at VP Towers via email to the address below.

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