Date: 10th January 2008 at 3:28pm
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We get to know a little more about NorthStandDan.

1 – Vital Pompey username?
NorthStandDan. Fairly self-explanatory!

2 – Where do you come from/where do you currently live?
Born and bred in Gosport. Live near Guildford now (so should be a Man U fan by rights…)

3 – How long have you been a Vital Pompey member?
I’m not sure really – I joined ages ago, but never really posted much until recently.

4 – What do you think of Vital Pompey? Be brutally honest!
I think the site is great because of the people, the quality if contributions and conversation, and all Rug’s hard work. If I’m brutally honest though, I think the navigation and user-friendliness of the way the site is structured leaves a bit to be desired – but there’s not a lot we can do about that, is there?

5 – How did you find out about Vital Pompey?
Through News Now.

6 – When did you first watch Pompey live – not on box unless this is the only way you have been able to see them? Not necessarily at Fortress Fratton though.
My very first game was the last game of the 1987 promotion season. I’m not sure who we played or the result (can anyone tell me?) my main memories were being squashed, not seeing much, and blokes using me as a something to stand on to help them climb over the fence for the pitch invasion at the end!

I started going regularly from when Jim Smith came in 1991.

7 – How often do you get to watch Pompey?
Every home game with the occasional away game.

8 – Who is your favourite Pompey Player – current and/or former?
There’s too many to single out. Alan Knight for being a legend, Walshie, Whittingham, Super Stevie Claridge, Chris Burns (don’t know why… maybe for giving me hope that if he could be a professional footballer so could I!!), Prosinecki, Merson for pulling all the strings in that fantastic promotion season. Linvoy for being an inspiration. And already I think there’ll always be a place in my heart for Benji!

9 – What is you favourite Pompey moment?
Again, too many!!

My first favourite moment was Mark Crossley dropping a corner for Macca to score against Forest in the Cup, setting up the semi against Liverpool. We had to hold on to our narrow lead against a Stuart Pearce-inspired Forrest for the rest of the game. The atmosphere going back on the ferry was amazing and when we got to my grandparents house my granddad had hung a union jack out the front window in celebration!

Then there’s that famous 4-1, singing “we’re gonna send the scummers down” while LuaLua ripped that Redknapp team to pieces. There was such a sense of vindication about the whole thing, especially after that unfortunate cup exit to them earlier in the season.

Another 4-1 sticks in the memory. It was against Bolton early in our first season in the prem and saw us top the league, even if momentarily. It was a feeling that we had finally arrived!

And the 5-1 defeat to Arsenal. Despite being trounced I left feeling strangely elated, knowing I had seen a truly remarkable Arsenal team and one of the true greats, in the form of Henry, on the Fratton pitch that night. And I also knew that, off the pitch, I had been part of a truly remarkable show of defiance and devotion from the Pompey fans (“We’re gonna win six – five!”) that will live forever in the memory.

And how could I not mention 7-4!?

10 – What are your realistic hopes for Pompey in the future?
I don’t know if we’ll ever win the league again. The top four have so much more money than anyone else. But I hope we cement our position in the league that appears to be opening up in the top half of the table and be serious contenders. I like to see us starting to pick up some cups along the way. If we get a new stadium, get a youth set-up, and make sure we can afford it all, who knows? If supporting Pompey has taught me anything, it’s that anything can happen, and it probably will!


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13 Replies to “Knowing me knowing you – NorthStandDan”

  • good to get to know abit more about you NorthStandDan – sorry for the delay in getting your kmky feature added… thanks for shring your thoughts.

  • Nice to meet you Dan, love the memories and the quote about United fans, you can always tell who they are by their Cockney Accents.
    Chris Burns another player who was not the most talented but always gave it 100%

  • Nice to meet you Dan. Seems like you enjoyed every game you have seen and most of the players which is great – real enthusiasm. By the way we beat Bolton 4-0.

  • Your first game was Sheffield United at home we lost 2-1 (who cared we had been promoted after nearly 30 years) and the game was delayed when idiots climbed the floodlights. Crowd from memory was about 28,000.

  • guildford…better known as lesser manchester…that sid, i know a lot of chelsea fans from round that area…and arsnal fans too. the problem is, there just isnt a good football team in surrey…COME ON GUILDFORD FLAMES…well, thats all there is to get excited about…

  • Sheffield 1987, when the top tier of the old Fratton end was in full swing, and Quinny was only about 15 stone

  • Paul, the top of Fratton End was officially closed by then but because of big crowd a few where allowed in there to prevent crush. I remember it because I used to stand at back of front section behind goal.

  • vitalpompey have had 53 members make a contribution to the site so far this month…if that helps…obviously some (chix and his 600) more than others (ninja tim and his 1 or 2)

  • Dave, I meant the top tier was in full swing because thats when everyone poured back into it, I remember stewards shouting at everyone saying it wasn’t safe, I think it was just after that they demolished it

  • Nice to meet you Dan.. Love the name .. it always reminds me of a bloke I used to know called Milton End Morris … Mark Crossley dropping that ball eh.. then followed the most nervous 88 consecutive minutes of all my years watching Pompey.. Oh and your Union Jack hanging from the window by your Grandad is a quality story .. Top bloke I reckon

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