Date: 14th April 2018 at 8:00am
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Absolutely, defeat at Plymouth wouldn’t be the end of the world, but we’ll hope Pompey can avoid this at Home Park this afternoon.

Going into this game I said defeat wasn’t an option. Well, if we wanted to finish in a play-off spot anyway. However, as much as avoiding a loss would improve the chances of finishing in the top-six it doesn’t necessarily mean the Blues’ season is over.

Commenting on twitter, I’d said.

That drew a reaction.

Yes, @Keironpfc15 did have a point. Defeat, again as much as this isn’t wanted, most definitely isn’t the end of the world, far from it as other things are more important. From a football specific point though it would damage a play-off bid, but wouldn’t necessarily end it.

There’s no doubt momentum would be retained if we can win, ultimately leaving things in our own hands in many ways.

A tough task at Plymouth looks harder though given the form our hosts have shown, which I knew was good, but I didn’t realise quite how good.

Ok, so I didn’t feel defeat was an option. Hopefully it’ll not happen, but the season wouldn’t be over if that were the case and the world wouldn’t come to an end. Que sera sera and all that…


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