Date: 8th April 2009 at 5:07pm
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Obviously as a season ticket holder I am at all homes games, but during years I had not held one or could not travel, and of course for away games now, I have relied on the likes of The Quay for coverage of Pompey games.

Those that listen to this will know that Alan McLoughlin helps deliver the commentary. A footballer that I always admired and had as one of my ‘heroes’ growing up – I was ‘a man’ by the time he left, the same day as Jeff Peron I believe – both joined Wigan – and I was gutted about both going, two of my all time favourite Pompey players!

Listening to him you can tell that he is a man that knows his football, he can see the game unfold as it happens – and this had probably never been anymore apparent to me than the Boro game at the Riverside recently. For a good 30 mins or so Macca could see what was going to happen if we did not change the way we were playing or make a tactical sub – and sure enough in injury time Boro equalised…

It seems clear that he knows his stuff, he has been around the game – and some top talent – long enough to know a thing or two, so I often wonder ‘why is he not coaching’, and I guess from my point of view as a Pompey fan and his standing with the club, ‘why is this not at Pompey?’ Even more so, when other Pompey legends have, or do coach at the moment, such as Mark Chamberlain and Guy Whittingham.

So, having got fed up of wondering this I set about asking him – this is what he told me…


In answer to your question of course “Yes” I would like to get back into coaching, and Pompey would have been my preferred option. I have had two chats with the club in the past three years.

The first time travelling from Swindon to Pompey was the issue, I was interviewed for the youth team job, but Peter Storrie told he wanted me to move back to the area, I said “no” as my two daughters were both in secondary school and that wouldn’t be an option. This was an issue for the club, but I got to Fratton Park everyday on time when I played for eight years as a player from Swindon, so why was it an issue this time around is beyond me. The second time was a year ago with Paul Hart and Mark Kelly interviewing me for a role at the club, I wasn’t told on the day what position I was being interviewed for and I still don’t know to this day, unfortunately nothing came of both interviews.

You mentioned Guy and Chambo, Guy Whittingham is a fantastic coach and I have watched him work, he is very good. I haven’t seen Chambo work as a coach but the both have vast experience and they will both be a big plus for the reserves and youth levels as long as the football club strive to be try and push more home grown players towards the first team.

Anyway lets hope Pompey stay in the Premiership this season, it’s going to be tight but I think we will just sneak out of danger.


So, there you have it, that is why Macca is not coaching at the club!

Pompey employ enough people to populate a small Island, and out of these 635 people we employ – not that I am suggesting that any of them are not worthy of a job with the club – could many of them really say that they are as worthy of a position at the club as someone such as Macca, with his standing and apparent knowledge of the game is?

Granted, we cannot hand out jobs to everyone, and most certainly not out of sentimentalities sake but why have we never found a coaching position for him, or at least made it so hard for this to be the case…


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