Date: 3rd May 2018 at 7:30am
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Following another below-par Pompey performance at Bury, Chris1954 shares his views on the season, which hasn’t impressed them and they’re not too optimistic about 2018-19 either.

Another really poor performance, why anybody can feel optimistic for next year is beyond me, the team has no desire, will to win or passion about them, all pretty bland much like Jackett who trots out the same old garbage week after week blaming the team and taking no responsibility himself.

The players don’t seem to know what system Jackett wants to play which is just a mishmash of several systems depending on how he feels on a Friday afternoon by the looks of it.

You can only say it was criminal the way he went about dismantling a title winning side and replaced them with not up to it loan players. Jackett’s judgement on players is appalling much like his man management skills which seem to amount to zero. If you sent him to the shop to buy 1lb of sugar he would come back with 5lbs of potatoes.

Thankfully Cook didn’t come back for Clarke or Lowe as we would be in trouble, though if they have got any sense they will both go this summer before Jackett ruins them by playing them in positions totally alien to them.

No way is Jackett a Pompey FC manager much like Pitman is no captain. My money is staying in my pocket next year and I will pick what matches to go to as I have wasted too much this year watching dross, with the budget staying much the same and with Jackett spending it! I’m expecting more of the same as this year. Here’s one fan that won’t be falling for we are building for the future rubbish.

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3 Replies to “Why Feel Optimistic?”

  • Ouch! A pretty damning account. I’ll NOT slate it, as some perhaps would, as in fairness it’s a personal opinion, which we’re all entitled too.

    However, much as I can appreciate the frustration felt, as it’s been an up and down season at times, which hasn’t always seen us anywhere near to what our best could, if not should be, personally I do think it’s been a decent campaign. As such it does leave me somewhat – perhaps I’m naive?! – hopefully of what the future can bring with a young, but talented I feel, squad. My main concerns are losing the likes of Clarke and Lowe, who will be catching the eyes of Championship clubs, Clarke probably Premier League ones to be honest.

    • Whilst I wouldn’t have phrased it in the same way, I do sympathise with the basic tenets expressed in the rant.

      Whilst i would have accepted our final position, I’m unhappy with how we’ve got there. I’m fed up with Jacket’s timid approach, he’s so scared of losing he’s frightened of trying to win, 4-5-1 is the formation of desperation, not ambition. This was made starkly clear at Plymouth, where he had Pitman up front on his own, with no support. Bad enough if the lone striker is an athletic player willing to chase, but not when your lone striker is a goal hanger like Brett is. Constantly outnumbered, with no apparent desire to chase and harry.

      I was hoping for a season of consolidation, whilst bringing on youngsters, a bit of a struggle at the beginning, but gradually improving as the season wore on, and finding out definitively if our kids have what it takes. Instead a steady stream of sub-par loanees going through the motions most of the time.

      What worries me more though is the stories flying around that Jackett is intending to bring in players from Europe to bolster the side. So six months before we are due to leave the EU we bring in a bunch of players who by the end of the season may all require work permits, and as we aren’t going to attract internationals, they wont get one!!! [Expletive deleted] Crazy.

      • Would disagree, to a degree. Surely, given the average age of this squad, we’ve brought through youngsters? Yes, some of the younger loanees aren’t good enough (perhaps), but in general I like the fact Jackett looks as if he’s trying to build a team of talented youngsters, who have potential and ability to grow as a unit.

        Admittedly, we have lacked experience in the middle of the park when Rose was out and O’Keefe was injured, but Close has come on. He would have come on even better has an experienced head been alongside him.

        Some of the loanees haven’t been good enough, I’d certainly agree with that.

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