Date: 17th March 2008 at 8:07am
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A little over a week ago it was not quite doom and gloom, but many people were worried about the direction our season could, and in fact probably would take – many feared a near nailed on FA cup exit and then worried about the impact that could have on our league form, with it feared we could then plummet into mid season obscurity.

Very few gave us much hope of beating United at Old Trafford – not to say ‘I told you so’ but I had the belief that we could, call it blind optimism or being swayed by tinted specs but I really believed – and to be honest could you blame them? But as we know we pulled off the remarkable 1-0 victory to advance to the semi final, eventually drawing West Brom.

Next up came Birmingham at home, with Pompey usually the sublime is followed by the ridiculous and slipping up against them would not have surprised too many, but without being at our best – giving the ball away probably a record number of times in the 2nd half – we came through this potential banana skin winning 4-2…

We finished the week with Villa coming to town, they had been travelling well and failed to score very rarely this season but we managed to dispatch them 2-0 to achieve the double over them, having beaten them 3-1 at Villa Park in December and moved back up to 6th in the league, not bad eh!

We went into that week saying it could ‘make or break’ our season, granted we cannot get overly carried away with it as many times this season we have not played that well, particularly, and most frustratingly at home, but we are having our best season in donkies years – well since last year, which was then our best in donkies years… Teams winning when they might not be at there best is often the sign of a good team – and a good team is certainly what we are now.

The good times are rolling aren’t they, the past week had been fantastic, we won 3 times in 7 days, overall played pretty well in all these games – sometimes better than others – as a team and individually, advanced to the FA cup semi final and with Everton losing still have an outside, albeit unlikely chance of grabbing a 5th place finish… how different things could have been, but thankfully it was a 7 days that we can now look back on with much joy and happiness, and long may this continue – bring on the Spurs!


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