Date: 16th March 2008 at 4:12pm
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Pompey versus Villa, Saturday March 15, 2008.

This is the first of hopefully a series of articles commenting on the opposition’s players, in particular identifying players that the author views as worthwhile additions to the Pompey squad.

We are hoping that for each match a vital member will volunteer to write the article, bearing in mind you need to attend the match in person.

Please add your own observations but do remember that this is not about Pompey per se or how we played during the match in question.

Also, bear in mind that as the title suggests this article relates predominantly to how the Villa’s players played during the match and not their general form this season.

We kick off with Villa. Knowing I was tasked with writing this I inevitably had my pre-match thoughts on the Villa squad and expected to be impressed by Carew, Agbonlahor, Barry, Young, Laursen – perhaps even Carson.

The press this week covered MON’s comments about Jamo being the perfect role model for Carson and who’d disagree with that? Surely the Wembley fiasco was a one off and it would only be a matter of time before Carson replaced Jamo as England’s #1.

I like underdogs for the same reason I dislike big heads like Ronaldo and wanted Carson to redeem himself in front of Capello and Clemence. Alas, a generally competent display was blighted during the first goal by positional naivety that frankly wouldn’t have looked out of place in my son’s North Hampshire U14s. Yep a great goal by the goal machine but this is the Premier league and ‘Keepers need to offer stiffer resistance than that.

What can you say about goal number 2? Freak of nature or blind panic caused by the league’s most in-form striker? Whatever your view on this, one thing is for sure it’ll be some time before Carson gets to wear the England Cap again. Or at least is should be.

But in saying that, Carson is still only 22 and has probably been thrust prematurely into the limelight in exactly the same fashion as happened to Jamo all those years ago at Liverpool. I bet Carson is superb in training as was alluded to by Rooney and McStupid during the England-Croatia post mortem. But as far a keeper’s are concerned there is no substitute for experience and being able to keep a cool head in the heat of the match. With this in mind, I’d be happy to see Carson replace Ashdown as Jamo’s understudy although he’s a long way from being a first choice keeper in a team with our aspirations.

Laursen is next up. I love this guy – he’s mobile and committed and rare in being a white, northern European, high quality defender having also won a series of honours with AC Milan including Serie A and the Champions League in 2002/3.

He is probably the best header of a ball of any defender currently playing in the Prem and is capable of scoring 10 a season with his head from dead balls, currently supplied by the likes of Maloney, Barry and Young.

But yesterday wasn’t his day – he didn’t have a bad match more that Villa didn’t have a good one and when your team lets in a couple of soft goals none of the defense is going to get man of the match. But he showed his mobility and looked less wooden coming forward than either Sol or Distin. He also made life difficult for our boys up front and was rewarded with a nasty elbow in the cheek from Baros who incidentally is looking a bit of ‘handful’.

Jumping from defence to attack, both Carew and Agbonlahor had anonymous matches. Prior to kick-off I was struggling to understand Agbonlahor’s appeal. He’s only scored 17 goals in 3 seasons with Villa, although still young at 22. He was eligible for both Nigeria and England but has committed his future to England having since played at U21 level and was due to play in Capello’s opener against the Swiss but withdrew because of injury.

Having seen him play a few times he looks to me a very good championship striker in the mould of Phillips or dare I say it Nugent. Yes he scores a few goals but as Pompey have recently proven the difference between scraping wins and winning with confidence and panache is largely down to the quality of your front men and yesterday two fairly well matched teams were separated by the quality of their strikers.

Carew has scored 9 goals this season and has enjoyed previous success with Valencia having twice scored goals to knock Arsenal out of the Champions League. I’ve never seen him in the flesh before and was shocked at his size and in particular his legs. He just looked too rigid to be able to compete against a variety of defensive styles and reminded me of Ivica Mornar, supposedly the best pound for pound physique ever to wear a Pompey shirt.

I can see how he can get the odd hat trick but against Pompey yesterday he was seriously out of his depth playing against super athletes in the form of Distin and Hreidarsson and let’s not forget we didn’t even have Sol on the pitch yesterday. MON swapped Baros for Carew – hmmm not sure about that one.

Reo-Coker looked as sick as a claret parrot at half time having been set-up by Carson. Other than this I can’t say I saw too much of him although he didn’t make any obvious mistakes. I’d see him as a Sean Davis type player, good, solid with a touch of flair. Good enough for a Pompey chasing top 6? I’d be interested to hear your views.

Next up is Gareth Barry who has long been the apple of Harry’s other eye along with Defoe. I was impressed with Barry prior to yesterday and he didn’t disappoint during the game being Villa’s best player by far. He’s one of those players that don’t catch the eye in the way that Diarra or Muntari does yet he is just as effective and can place the ball on a sixpence. He’s a big guy too – and dominates the immediate vicinity although as Diarra proved yesterday when he took the ball off of Barry a couple of times, his size and the resultant inertia can be an impediment.

If Diarra was to leave or Muntari for that matter then I’d like Barry as a replacement and could see him coming in as captain – and as wiki points out, he’s migrated to midfield via central defence and left back, being for me the perfect defensive utility player. Shame we didn’t get him back in 2006 when he was supposedly on the verge of signing. But don’t rule out him coming down here especially considering the growing number of England International’s that now call Pompey home.

Finally, Ashley Young. Villa paid a lot of money for this young featherweight winger come midfielder and having broken into the full England squad under McLaren I wanted to see if he’d be able to solve our right wing requirements. My seat is on row B, North Stand right next to the half way line so I got a very good look at him. He’s quick and skilful and I believe earned more free kicks in dangerous positions than any other player on the pitch. He made a few of our players look like they’d just got back from Big Ears bar after a night on the lash, skipping past their challenges and then putting some nice balls in.

Shame he didn’t do more in front of goal as you’d expect any wide man to cut in from the wing in the same way as Johnson or Kranky does – in saying that he did a good job of adding width to their attack but I guess the easiest way to assess this is to ask whether he’d currently offer more than Utaka – and for that I’d have to say no. I think he’d make a great squad player, but that’s never going to happen given MON forked out over £8m for him – he’d expect to play week in and week out and I don’t think he’d be able to do that at Pompey, certainly not in the immediate future.

In summary I had hoped to be impressed by quite a few of the Villa players yesterday given we need to grow the squad to make it capable of 4-5-1, a genuine 4-3-3 and 4-4-2. With Villa being so high in the league you’d expect them to be full of quality but as it turned out Barry is the only player I’d sign without reservation with both Laursen and Young being squad contenders.

True, Fratton Park is a difficult place to come, but we’ve now beaten Villa home and away and you have to question their quality in depth if that happens. I believe Pompey looked a far better team than Villa yesterday, much more than the adjacent league position would suggest.

Written by ChrisW.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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53 Replies to “Villa, I liked the look of…”

  • this is a really good idea ChrisW, well thought out and well written – taking a look at the opposition in this kind of way is something that i do like doing myself, and hopefully this idea will catch on and others will do so likewise from time to time…

  • without any shadow of a doubt i would have gareth barry here any day of the week, i was gutted when we couldnt sign him a couple of years ago, the chances of getting him now probably arent that great but you never know… i thought that shaun maloney had a decent game yesterday and was causing us a few problems. he took a while to get much of a chance at villa, but from what ive seen recently he seems to be showing why o’neil wanted to bring him to villa park, following him from celtic park… i think agbonlahor is a quality footballer, and to be fair to him altho he might not have had his best game he had been struggling to be fit i believe?

  • Nice stuff Chris. Villa’s squad is thin and they are carrying a number of injuries. Agbonlahor’s bruised toe to start with. But if MON spends big this summer they could improve next season.

  • Nice to read unbiased views on our players ChrisW. Laursen and Barry are indeed our best players and we take them for granted , some fans even slag then off when they don’t produce 9/10 performances.
    Lausen is without doubt the best centre back I’ve seen since Paul McGrath at Villa Park and I’d say hes in the top 4 in the Prem without a Doubt. GB even when not so good is as you noticed still one of our best players , had he got some quailty alonside him instead of Choker we’d be right up there !
    PS can we have James back ? thought not!

  • Chris that is just the type of response we wanted from opponents. Thanks Villan57 and well done Chris!! And correct Jamo is going nowhere.

  • my view on the villa players is that i would take barry – as i think that he is a very good player, however i am not sure where he would fit into our team, and so IF he were to come in, it would only be because someone had left. he would be a good man to fill in, but i wouldnt choose it! Abonlahor is out of form at the moment, however his early season form was very impresive. nhe is fast, and knows where the goal was, so before defoe came, i would have said “yes” – but im not so sure now. maybe as another backup… Ashley Young however is a player that i DO like. Once again, our defence coped very well with him – but despie this (hey, we kept ronaldo, and rooney quiet!), i think that he still showed sparks of brilliance. and he alo knows how to take set peices, which is why i WOULD love to see him come in. unfortunatly, the chances of that are about 0.

  • nice idea for an article but to say that agbonlahor looks like a Championship player tells me that your a chumpionship journalist in the making

  • you have to remember rotter that my views were based on his performance yesterday not his form from earlier in the year as I made clear at the top of the article. Besides, there are very few Prem quality ‘strikers’ playing in the Prem. Most of the top 10 do have have one or in Chelsea’s and United’s case 2 but in my opinion City and Villa don’t have any – and neither did we until 6 weeks ago.

  • And for clarification, by Prem quality I mean strikers who typically are on the score sheet more often than not – which is why I exluded Benjani form that select group too.

  • strikers or forwards though…benjani was a top quality forward, as is kanu (well, if he was slightly fitter) and baros is working on it… unfortunatly though, i dont think abonlahor falls into that category either. (carew might)

  • yep that’s the distinction I mean poachers and strikers as in Linekar, Shearer, Henry, Van N’Roy, – not forwards as you say like Benjani or Kanu.

  • Not really with you chris, you started off your paragraph about your view on agbonlahor expressing the idea that prior to k.o you couldnt see his appeall so you were already biased. If you were a Chelsea arsenal or liverpool fan-teams which he has caused damage to this season amongst others then i suspect you would have a different view. Modern Strikers are also required for their ability in assisting something which he does on a regular basis, while your opinion on his goalscoring doesnt stand up that much given that he only broke into the team last season and has only played regularly this season. He isnt playing his best at the moment but even rooney and owen have had lean spells and he has barely turned 20! Frankly your judgement that Agbonlahor is a championship player is laughable. He may not be rooney, but Capello, ferguson, wenger, mourinho and benitez cant all be wrong when they have described him as one of the most exciting talents in english football. Still its your opinion and I respect that even if I find it completely off the wall.

  • I would also love to see Barry here, heis a quality player, and this season he has improved yet again.
    Also i have always been a fan of Reo-Coker and he would have been a great signing for us when he was at Wimbledon.
    However i dont think any of the Villa side will come to us, as Martin O’Neill is on the verge of something big there.
    I was speaking to some Villa fans before the game and they said that they wish we had signed Petrov and that they had got Muntari or Diarra instead.
    Villa are a good side, well supported, witha great manager, to beat them twice this season has been great work by Pompey, and i am sure that Villa will go on to challenge the big 4 very soon.
    Bullers how did Spurs get on at City!! ROBBIE KEANE WILL BE OUR NEXT SIGNING, was he mad or what!!

  • Rotter let’s see how he turns out – I hold with my view ‘tho that Villa need a class striker similar to what we have in Defoe. Agree with your comments that A’Lahor has more to his game than scoring goals, but that just serves to reinforce my point – He’s a good premiership player, perhaps one day he might be great, but I can’t ever see him being a great ‘striker’ which after all is the topic being discussed.

  • I thought Ashley Young did well on heavy ground & not signing Barry was always a chocker. The right side of midfield is where we need to strengthen. David Bentley, can we tempt him from Blackburn or Aaron Lennon from Spurs or even Theo Walcott from our feeder club???

  • no one at villa doubts that we need a 20 goal a season striker but agbonlahor is a player who started off as an attacking winger and is essentially an attacking player who gives us options. He is versatile. He may become a great attacking player but i didnt remember saying that he will become a great striker-thats your assumption?but he can still become a great player for the range of options that he brings us much like barry.But please Championship? do yourself a favour.

  • seriously, Laursen would fit into any team in Europe, of all our players (if he remains fit which is looking good at the moment) he is the one that is world class.

  • completely agree about laursen, its just a shame he has had so many injuries at villa, for his and your sake i hope he really has got over these as he is world class, a fit laursen – and fit for a long enough period – could play for any club in this country or abroad, and he has played for one of the very best already in milan hasnt he…

  • jeez, im not looking forward to this feature next week when we play spurs – they’ll be hating it if we slag off any of their players! unless you want it again Chris” or maybe anyone else wants to step up to the plate i could be tempted to ‘put my head on the block’ – as said if anyone else wants it tho, say so.

  • rotters – ddnt abonlahor play in every minute of every game for villa up until easter or so last year? i think he had plently of regular football last season. Laurson, i must confess, has never really struck me as a super star – however, i havnt exactly followed league football for a very long time (couple of years), so if a defender wants to get my notice, he proably has to play for england… …oh, and as far as next week, when we play spurs, i will predict now that any player we say that we like, we will be told to “****** off and get our own players”, and any player we dont, we will be told “yeah, well he could walk into your team any day”…(do i get extra points in the prediction league when the spurs fans say this?)

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