Date: 17th March 2008 at 10:38am
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As an avid Pompey Fan, I am really gutted that I won’t be able to follow my team through to the end of the season either in the league of the FA Cup.

I am in fact due to fly to Iraq this week and would like you all to think of all Pompey Supporters that will miss the run in and Semi Final at Wembley, whilst defending the world from terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am hopefully going to be able to get to the Internet whilst I am out there to track the scores of the top team in blue, but morale is going to be really low I believe to all those fans that couldn’t witness the win over United and will not be able to witness Pompey’s visit to Wembley.

What I am writing this for is for all Pompey Fans to unite together and boost the morale out in the theatres. I have written an e-mail to PFC asking if it would be possible to send Pompey FA Cup gear out so that the soldiers and sailors can support their team whilst fighting against terror but as yet have not heard anything back.

This basically is a plea to all you Pompey fans to unite somehow and get some stuff out there for these brave people who have already missed so much out there. If in fact we do win the FA Cup then I may even write to Mr Gaydamak to see if any of the players would make a trip out there with the cup, as we will also miss the parade around Portsmouth.

Again, please help boost the morale of all PFC fans whilst they are out there. I believe that even the little things can help give these people a smile.

Written by PompeyMilhouse28.

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14 Replies to “A thought for the Forces in Iraq & Afghanistan”

  • good luck to you PompeyMilhouse28 and the others out in iraq and afghanistan before anything else. it is a great shame that you and so many others will have to miss these events, good luck with your quest – i hope the club does get back to you, but in my experiences of trying to contract the club ive never once been replied too… if anyone knows of an email address for portsmouth football club that has got them success please email it to me so i can pass it on, cheers.

  • PompeyMilhouse28 is that your call sign by any chance? : ) on a more serious note I will pick up a couple of extra Wembley programmes and drop you a note when I have them.

  • Pompeymilhouse. I understand that some of the games can be picked up on forces radio (not quite like watching it on the box, but still worth listening). I’d certainly support any effort to get pompey gear to the brave souls in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not sure what it is we could do from this end, especially given what pompeyrug said, but I’m up for it). All the best to you & here’s to your safe return.

  • Chris W, think you very much. If you could do that, then it would be a good morale booster for people out there. I have written an e-mail to PFC asking for stuff but not sure if we’ll get anything!! And no it’s not my call sign!! LOL!!!
    T4Pompey any help to get stuff out there would b good. Any idea that you have would not be turned down!! Maybe if someone knows anyone who works at PFC could ask them to maybe get something in a match programme to get stuff out or even an announcement then i know this would be good.

  • ive been in contact with PompeyMilhouse28 several times today and will be able to report more on this later today, or tomorrow – but i can say it does appear to be good news…

  • Good luck mate, it puts it into perspective when we are worrying about ticket allocations, and comparing it to what you have to go out to.
    I hope the time goes past quickly and that you are soon back at our own fortress.
    Hope to see you soon

  • Stay safe mate. We are thinking of you all. We’ll keep the flag flying here for you & you do the same for us.

  • All the best to you all PM28, hope you get your wish and get to watch the game. Also hope the club help you all out in any way possible.

  • Good Luck. I thought you would have a forces network there at the base camps and would be able to pick up the game via satellite. I know thats no help if you are on patrol. The Yanks used to use it for SuperBowl. I am sure the guys from the UK will kiss the cup for you after we win it in May.

  • Millhouse – As I said in the forums on Friday I wish you every bit of luck with PFC but by the sounds of things you might have already come up trumps – Stay safe and if you get the opportunity get the lads on to logon to Vital to keep up to date with what’s going on at home…

  • To all of you thanks for your messages of support. I have been talking to Pompeyrug about doing articles, if i can, from Iraq whilst i’m there and getting the feelings of PFC supporters who are out there. I will pass them your messages and PFC have kindly agreed to give us some foam hands and FA Cups which will be getting sent in the next week. I have also written to Soccer AM and will be sending in photos of the lads from Iraq with all the gear so keep a look out on Semi Final Day!! All the best to you all and lets hope that i will be celebrating an FA Cup win in a hot climate!! I will be making sure that i’m not on patrol.

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