Date: 1st April 2008 at 8:11am
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Could we organise some sort of Vital Pompey gathering prior to the semi final, maybe even after in some instances? That was the question and it looks like we have found an answer?

Sneakay had asked: ‘have people started booking their train tickets then? What’s the plan? I really want to meet up with a number of you guys from Vital – putting faces to names would be good. Can we have something written about the plans Rug?’

The travel situation had been looked at with eastneydave providing useful information and then others contributing their thoughts, so hopefully we are all now sorted, or as near as sorted?

As for the meeting for a pre match beverage, it also appears that we have found a base for a possible meet up prior to – or for some before and/after – the semi final for any of those that can make it. This place being J.J Moon’s, a mere 3 minutes walks from Wembley stadium, so that’ll do for me!

A fair few people had expressed an interest in meeting up, I already have contact details for several of you, I would suggest that anyone else interesting in meeting at J.J Moon’s maybe contact me via email and we exchange mobile details – do not publish these online obviously! The plan is to be based at this pub – which I must say sounds rather classy, but then most wetherspoons pubs are – but as it could be heaving some amendments could be needed, but at least if I basically act as a ‘go to man’ hopefully this can work out as planned, so as many of us as human possible can meet up for a bevvy – although Owenspompey has suggested that maybe you ‘might’ want to invest on some of your own too! – and a chat before the showpiece event.

For more information on J.J Moon’s check out the website of this spoons pub by clicking here – thanks to pompey4me for providing this link.

You can also view a map of where the pub is to make finding it even easier by following links on the left hand side of the page titled ‘View a map of this pub using’?

As said, if you want to meet up feel free to contract me and we can exchange details – or I can pass them onto anyone else you might want me to – and then we can just see how we go.

All that remains to be said is I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable journey and of course lets hope we win! Hopefully a good few of us can meet up again as we have several times this season, or for the first time as the case may be.


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