Date: 31st March 2008 at 10:02pm
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Am I the only one amongst our collective Cup fever to have noticed the plight of our local rivals to the west?

While Portsmouth proudly sit in sixth position in the Premiership and look forward to a trip to Wembley, Nigel Pearson’s Red and White Army will be watching the Sheffield Wednesday versus Coventry fixture tomorrow night with absolute fear. If Wednesday manage to avoid defeat then the Saints will be marching into the bottom three of the Championship.

With a tough run in, home fixtures against promotion chasing Bristol City, play-off hopefuls Burnley and Sheffield United, as well as difficult away trips to Charlton and worst of all West Bromwich, time might soon be called on their time in the Championship.

Memories of the Hawthorns should be enough to bring a very worried look to any one unlucky enough to frequent St Mary’s after Pompey lost on purpose to relegate them. Should they suffer a similar fate then I’m sure Pompey fans would have little or no sympathy for them given that they looked down on us for about 30 years. Only relegation (thanks Harry!) made them see sense and realise that Pompey are the Pride of the South Coast.

A few things ‘Saints’ can look forward to in the ‘lower leagues’ is entry into the FA Cup 1st Round, an entry in a new competition, the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy, which unfortunately carries no entry into Europe should they win it. Other bonuses will include trips to Brighton, and Millwall, and the substantial loss of revenue and players.

My only regret about the whole thing is that John Hughes is no longer presenting sport on BBC South Today. I would pay to see his smug face reporting his team’s demise. I know its Tuesday tomorrow but come on you Wednesday!

Written by The Rabbi.

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26 Replies to “Slipping Like A Wet Pig”

  • In the years they spent in the Premiership we have nearly achieved as much. As of last season we had both averaged the same amount of points per games at 1.16 but this season we look like eclipsing that.

    The thing I regularly hear from Saints fans is that we should enjoy it while we can because the same thing will happen to us but our current team is far better than any Saints team ever was in the Premiership and the gulf between the Premiership and the Championship is ridiculously big now. I doubt any team will be able to replicate what Harry has done with us.

    I’m enjoying their failure and will enjoy having a drink on our season and Saints relegation.

  • i do see their results but not actively interested as they are not in our league …….. although i notice they normally lose by 1 goal …. thats SUCH A SHAME!! oh well, such is life!

  • as much as i relish the prospect of beating southampton, im happy to watch them struggle in the championship for a few years!

  • Rabbi.. as controversial as this subject is .. I’ll offer only a few words … “I’m loving every minute of it. although Pompey is obvioulsy the priority if they go down I will celebrate for a week. If we qualify for Europe (via the league) and they go down I’ll celebrate for two, If they go down and Pompey win the FA Cup .. come join my party …. I would love it or as Keegan once put it (*&^@”£@) love it ….. 17 miles from paradise…… 1 point (and an FA Cup) from heaven

  • they’ve been in similar situations many times, albeit a division higher, but their demise is ther for all to see, remember how they mocked when we were in the old division 3? A smug smile will be on my face if they drop

  • most of you know my views on things, i dont really give much thought to the lot down the road as i focus on us and what we are doing and let them worry about us… that said ive got tbh how could you not take some pleasure from their fall from grace? how much did they love it when we were in it up to our necks and for how many years was this hanging round our neck for them to use…
    so Chix if they go down, we win the fa cup and get into the uefa cup but also finished 5th that would be one hell of a party then! a party to beat all parties?

  • Having been exiled from my beloved Portsmouth by marriage, to live in the SO postcode & work in the scum for the past 18 years, I am very much aware of there every movement, on & off the pitch. To say I have a massive warm glow on the inside is a massive understatement. I drive my PFC number plate blue car with massive pride. I walk 10ft tall as I mingle amongst the sad Red & 5hite suckers. My priority is for us to win the cup & then to see them relegated. I have friends from Sheffield who are United fans. I can get tickets for the scums last game. Imagine being at St Marys as they get relegated, pure joy. As for LOCAL DERBY GAMES, I could go a lifetime without it. Maybe the odd cup game. Having grown up & spending 30 years in their shadow, league table wise, I always want them below us. I love Pompey much more than I hate the scum & you wouldn’t believe how much I hate them.

  • I have been watching their results as this season with the form that they have got i have been betting against them in my accumulator. It’s not nice to be a bad winner, in fact it is probably worse than being a bad looser. In this case though it is fully justified!

  • senstitive subject? who gives a flying tackle what people think. roll on PFC and watch me rub their noses in it every chance I get.

  • well…i would still prefer to beat them 4-0 twice every season, and finish with (almost) double there points… but if we cant do that…then ive pretty much lost intrest in there pathetic attempts at playing football. lets hope songo’o can send them down!

  • Remember 1976, scummers won the FA Cup and the mighty Blues were relegated to the 3rd Division. It would be nice if the reverse happened in 2008!!

  • They are having an EGM. It won’t happen for 4-6 weeks yet. The turmoil will drag on whilst they fight relegation. Perfect timing.

  • The EGM could end up with Rupert Lowe back to run the shambles they call a football club. That would be entertaining. Conference here they come!!

  • Well, I love it, much the same as Matt, being brought up in their shadow, quite honestly I’m not bothered about derby games against them ,I’d rather thay went down, much more satisfying!

  • I love it, they deserve evrything that they get, and i cant wait to see that smug git Le Tissier when they go down, they might have a new ground but it will be empty next year.
    Dyer and Surman will want away and will beg Sir Harry of Boscombe to sign them, let them go to Bournemouth, the South Coasts second biggest club.

  • hey Dave i remember travelling down to the new forrest on the back of a Honda cb 175 for a youth club weekend. we stopped on the verge of the old Winchester by pass (left fork to Pompey Scum straight ahead) I valiantly waved my Blue and white Pompey scarf and the appropriate number of fingers ay the snakey line of reds….They laughed at me,
    I really dont want to gloat, and i sort of feel sorry for them because i know that so many of their fans will desert them..and come to Pompey. I grew up with it. Old blokes who told me they used to go to Fratton when they had a team in the 50’s but preferred to go to the dingly dell. I hate those types more than the true fan scummers who will stay with them

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