Date: 8th March 2009 at 10:32am
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Well, what can I say, The News of the World has let us down today – I had opened a book on what their ‘doom mongering’ would bring today, but they appear to have slipped up by not offering us our ‘weekly fix’, we will surely suffer a double helping next Sunday then, ohh how I wait with baited breath…

Fear not though, the mention of being ‘cash-strapped Pompey’ or the like has lived on with the baton passed to a fellow Sunday rag giant with the NOTW’s mate The Sunday Mirror stepping up to the plate to carry the torch thus ensuring this burns as ‘brightly’ as ever this week as they make us ‘aware’ of the fact that Sol Campbell is likely to leave this summer – I would never have guessed that, and I am ‘shocked’ at the thought…

It cannot really be seen as ‘doom mongering’ as it is not telling us anything that we do not already suspect, if not expect to happen in the summer, and have done for several months – but the ‘caps locks on’ button was pressed when the ‘enlightening’, ‘eye opening’, oh and of course not to mention ‘informative’ piece titled ‘NO DEAL FOR SOL’, which was ‘proclaiming’ it being ‘their’ understanding that ‘he will not be offered a new deal by cash-strapped Pompey.’

I thank, and salute the Gods at The Sunday Mirror for these pearls of wisdom, which opened my eyes to something I would have never suspected happening… Where would we be if it were not for the NOTW’s and The Sunday Mirror’s of this world?

We would never be ‘kept up to date’ would we!

Where would this great country be if Pompey could not get a negative mention, especially on a Sunday, surely we would slip into some sort of ‘recession’, ‘a mighty credit crunch’, something that will be the topic of their next ‘behind the times exclusive’ I am sure…

The editors of these Sunday rags must think that ‘if all else fails’ as our papers are more ‘bulky’ on a Sunday, we have to ‘justify their prices’ more by padding it out – and doing this with page after page of nothingness cannot be all we do from around the middle pages, as the first and later pages do at least contain some articles – until the final 10-15 of ‘mammoth sports’ can we, so we can at least ‘make up, dig up, re-harsh’ or unveil what is an ‘exclusive’ on Pompey to fill those empty inches… job done!

Thankfully I only have to endure these monstrosities in their ‘online’ form and only every other weekend when in Pompey for a game, as these are always purchased by family members I stay with after a game.


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