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Not saying Pompey are not great now of course, but in this new feature I decided to think of games that stick in the memory bank for reasons other than the obvious.

Everyone remembers the old classic games from the past, the cup final itself being the most recent, but to slighter older yet still youthful looking members like myself, other games churn up fondness when my mind wonders to them. There was Stockport on a Tuesday night back in February 1998, Pompey were skint, out on their feet at the foot of what was then Division 1, when a rumbling came from the Fratton end that reverberated around all 4 sides of the ground, the noise of ‘Alan Ball’s blue and white army’ built to a crescendo around the old girl, the chant went on for a good 20 minutes without pause, and Steve Claridge rose to the occasion to notch a famous win and start another great escape from relegation, this match was watched by 8,622 die-hards, but about 30,000 claim to have been present now!

Adversity like this was common place during my years as a young Pompey fan, it is what makes the Premiership years all that much sweeter, but i am going to kick off this feature with a match from another Alan Ball era, and when things were a little brighter.

The date was 11th May 1985, it was a Saturday, a day pompey used to regularly play on, and it was in deepest Yorkshire at Huddersfield, Leeds road to be precise, a now demolished ground where I truly discovered how great it was to be a Pompey fan, and also hit the highs and lows of the experience, and yet get a sobering finish to the day.

Pompey had had a great campaign under Bally, we had already won 19 games that season, we had scored 67 goals and notched up 71 points in the process, the division was called division 2 at the time, the Premiership was still an idea not to be in motion yet, and Division 1 was where it was at.

Pompey were on the very cusp of returning to the top flight for the first time in 26 long years, and the charts were filled by The Smiths and The Style council, the only girl band being Bananarama.

Trouble is Manchester City were filled with the same ideas as us, our points tally was the same, goal difference was to close to call, and only one spot was available to the promised land where Liverpool reigned supreme.

Looking back now, I seem to think this may have been my first ever away game, I was 14, about 5’2′ and had persuaded my Mum and Dad that the time was right to make the move to travelling fan as well as just a season ticket holder. My Mum and Dad were both holders themselves back then, we were all regulars in the family section and the decision was made to travel on one of the Pompey specials up to Yorkshire along with about 9,000 other fans to see if Pompey could pull it off.

We picked up a train at Pompey harbour and off we went, fans seemed to flood in at Havant, Petersfield and even Liphook, 2 trains were filled exclusively with Pompey and the atmosphere blew me away, the train was the main source of transport for such games 25 years ago and it certainly added to the occasion to a young Pompey fan.

I don’t remember too much of the journey besides the singing and Lager flowing, 1 pit-stop somewhere near Birmingham and then onwards to Yorkshire, a place I had only seen on tea-bag packets.

Arriving in Huddersfield I can remember the Pompey fand been herded off the trains by police and almost frogmarched on-masse straight to the ground, cobbled streets complememted the Yorkshire cliche, and twitching curtains made me feel I truly was in another World.

Pompey fans were obviously a bit vocal in their roughhouse police cordon, one fan taking particular umbridge at a Police horse sneezing snot all over his Sergio Tacchini tracksuit top and Lois jeans, in fact I have never seen anyone actually try and knock a horse out before!

To those that remember Leeds road, it was more ramshackle than Fratton is now, it had an end called the Cowshed, which just about summed it up really, more to the point though, in days when fans used to try and “take” the home end, Yorkshire police in their wisdom decided to give Pompey 3 sides of the ground, we had the equivalent of the Fratton end, Milton end and South stands, something I have never witnessed since.

Pompey in these days were built on the rocks of Blake and Gilbert at the back with Kevin Dillon pulling the strings in midfield with Micky Kennedy who had famously written in the News of the World “I like hurting people” doing the destruction work with Bobby Doyle.

On the wings were two players who always mentioned in the same breath, “VincenCally” they were, Vince Hilaire was on the right, and the Irishman from Dagenham, O’Callaghan who still rates as one of my all time favourites. Yosser Tait ws still a mainstay of the side and Neil Webb had still to move on to bigger things.

Pompey in my mind were all over Huddersfield from the off, my memeories are obviously blurred of the game, I know Hilaire gave us a half-time lead, and eruptions went up all around the ground as “news” of Man City getting “beat” at Charlton filtered through. Alan Knight spent more time listening to the crowd than concentrating on the match, I can still see him clenching his fist with delight as Man City went 2-0 down according to the man with the hot-line in the crowd.

What made this match special though was O’Callaghan, he scored one of the most special goals I can remember, he picked the ball up in his own half and just set off, I’m sure he went around at least 15 players as he burst towards us fans behind the goal and then slotted home and set off on another mazy run to escape his team-mates! Bon-fires were burning in both ends of the ground as I recall, and Pompey were dis-embarking at San-Grilla, the promised land awaits!

Thing is though, the history books tell a different story, yes pompey won 2-0, but Man city had romped home 5-0, firng home at will against a rookie 19 year old goalie making his debut.

The journey home was somewhat more sub-dued, I can remember sharing a carriage with a fat bloke eating the biggest bucket of chicken I have ever seen, his constant arse eruptions proving the main attraction for the journey home. News was filtering through of “something happening” further over in Yorkshire, somewhere in Bradford, Valley Parade there had been a fire or something, news that was not to hit home until we turned the telly on back home.

11/5/85 will always stick in my memory, it highlights Pompey into a complete nutshell for me, Ecstacy, Frustation and Despair in equal measures, but what a goal from O’Callaghan!

For the record, the match was watched by 13,290 of which I’m sure 9,000 were Pompey!

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  • Huddersfield – great memories. We went in a mini bus and there were Pompey fans on the road all the way. Massive tickertape that day which was only ruined when he go news of the Bradford fire just a few miles away!!

  • fantastic stuff paul, cacking read and altho before my time – im a ‘slighter older yet still youthful looking members’, even more so than yourself 🙂 – it puts visions in my head that are almost as clear as being there…

  • this is something that we want to continue doing as a ‘regular’ feature – so anyone else wishing to contribute, and you can do more than 1, needs to just drop me an email or check out the thread in the forum ‘members ideas’ that i am about to add…

  • I remember it well. I was exiled in the North of Scotland in those days, but still managed to see a few games a season. I couldn’t get to Huddersfield but remember sitting at home with radio and tv on. I will never forget seeing a live report from Valley Parade with the stand blazing and people clambering onto the pitch – they didn’t realise at the time that people were trapped at the turnstiles at the back. Somebody then decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to show this and they stopped the pictures.

    Nobody realised at the time how serious it was – and then goal difference kicked in.

  • I remember living in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. My bar was set up with all the Pompey memorabilia ready for the celebration party. I thought Man City won 5-1 but that didn’t change things, neither did it in ’93 when the Hammers did it to us.
    Some of great escapes should also be reported here, like going to Huddersfield to acquire a win with Millwall relegated following a draw at Ipswich. The irony of Millwalls demise was that they were top in early December but I was at Roker Park when they lost 6-0 to Sunderland and they then were fast tracked down the table (one of the biggest copitulations in the game) Top then 4th after Roker. I should have gone to Liverpool instead (with my open Britrail pass) as the result same day was Tranmere 1 Pompey 2. A big cheer went up at Roker when they put up 0-2 at H.T. as Tranmere were also promotion hopefuls. Now what year was that ???

  • marvellous read! I’d left Pompey by this point and it was a lot harder to follow matches like this then – no internet radio, just hoping that Alan Green or someone like him would mention us on what was then Radio 2’s soocer saturday. However, I was able to watch the unfolding events at Valley parade on the telly (not a good idea to have shown it, I would have thought) and felt traumatised by what I had seen, knowing that for years I’d been standing at Fratton park surrounded by bits of paper and people dropping fag ends. What an emotional roller coaster!

  • Fantastic read Paul I was there too and still owe the bloke who drove me & Rob there the petrol money ! .. I’m sure Cally’s goal was in the first half though.. still it matters not the goal was fantastic whenever it came.. just one final word from me on the game .. TICKERTAPE… I don’t think any Pompey team have ever witnessed a better entrance than that day.. not Liverpool, Highbury, Villa Park or dare I say it Wembley .. A great read mate and I hope others follow your lead and write their memories

  • Could well have been first half Chix, memories a bit blurred with time, still reckon he bit 15 players though!

  • Thanks Dave. That would have been the day in question, I would have been over for Xmas at the time.

  • i think the one when jeff peron – i loved that guy, what a star – scored twice was when we beat them 4-2… im not sure if we had won away that season let alone scored 4 goals, one of which was a fantastic lob in the 2nd half attacking the pompey fans, what a cracking goal and what a game. i loved it!
    im sure we were 4-0 up at some point, and i recall someone around us having a bet on pompey to win 4-0, which was unheard of and would have netted them a fortune!

  • I remember that game with painful memeories. I ddin’t go but had seen a great chunk of the home games. Ironically, the same thing happened the following season when we misssed out by being 4th again!! Bl00dy Charlton being one of those who did go up!!!

  • Paul – just reading it again as love these memories and spotted one small error – Manchester City actually beat Charlton 5-1 not much consolation though and still great stuff.

  • Wow, did this bring back memories. This was my first away game as well, in fact it was my 3rd ever Pompey game (3rd ever football match for that matter). I was a student in London and a friend and her colleague drove from Pompey and picked me up at Brent Cross shopping centre. I remember all the cars with scarves out of them, and the fantastic atmosphere, and having 3 sides of the ground – some of the other details escape me now though. I certainly caught the Pompey bug that day, that’s for sure.

  • Something I do clearly remember is the little tickertape bonfires on the terrace – which seemed innocuous at the time. Then in the car on the way home we heard something about a fire at Bradford City. It was only later that I understood the full magnitude of what had gone on there that day.

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