Date: 21st May 2011 at 6:51pm
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It isn’t wrong for clubs to change their kits each year .. So stop yer whinging and cough up for a new shirt… A view from Sneakay, Vital Pompey’s Fashion Policeman

Well as we close on what was a stressful season and start to look forward to a Summer of speculation and rumour about takeovers, signings and re-building our famous old club, one question sure to be on everybody’s lips is ‘What will Pompey be wearing next season?’

Now, some have already claimed to have seen our ‘new kit’, whereas, others have shot the so called ‘inside knowledge’ down in flames, but whatever colour, design or style our boys turn out in next season the annual debate of ‘Is it right for football clubs to churn out kit after kit, year after year?’ will no doubt begin.

Personally, I don’t subscribe to the ‘buy a new shirt each season’ brigade, but I know plenty that do and plenty that moan about it. Others just accept it as ‘part of the ‘commercial’ game’ and I can see their point of view too, but..

During last week’s ‘Chew The Fat’ Sneakay put forward a very logical yet (sure to be) ‘controversial’ question and I for one had to sit back and consider my answer, but ..

Rather than me provide my view I thought I would open it up to the rest of the readers and see how you would respond to the question, which comes from the other side of what is generally known as the ‘they are ripping us off’ camp

Sneakay’s question was ..

Is it wrong that clubs release a new football kit each year? Really?

He explains ..

At the end of the day it is an item of clothing for many people and gets worn more often than a lot of other things in their wardrobes.

And goes on to say..

You don’t hear people complaining that Ralph Lauren has just released a new shirt with slightly different buttons two months later, or that Nike have knocked out another pair of trainers in a different colour only 6 months since the last pair.

So what do you think ?

Does Sneakay have a point or do you think clubs should act a little more responsibly towards their ‘customers’?

Post your thoughts below

P.S. Our new kit is actually sunflower yellow with variously sized, randomly placed, shocking pink hexagonals on it .. oh nearly forgot.. it has a lime green trim too.

I know.. I’ve seen it !


9 Replies to “Stop yer moaning and get yer kit ON !”

  • I will be very interesed to see what people thought about my remark. I hear that the shirt is due to be released before the end of the month, so I guess we will most likely see it at some point next week.

  • Excellent timing Sneakay.. I’ll have my two penneth once some of the others have had a change to express their view .. For once (and only once) I’m staying quiet for an hour or so ..

  • well i completely agree with you sneaks, never really thought about it like that i must admit but its actually really true. Always been a part of the ‘its just the way the game is’ crowd and to be honest just cause they put a new kit out, theres no obligation to buy it, its a total personal choice. I’ve never brought it every year but then i was a student till last year so couldn’t really justify spending the money lol

  • Just wish the manufacturers would realise, they are selling shirts to football fans, not players. Our pre match differs a little, we only stay in hotels friday if we are too *****ed to get home, or its called Police cell. Our pre match meal ia 5 to 10 pints of lager (depending on experience) chips, pies or burgers, or all 3. Our match day chef is Mick of Monster Burgers. After the game we wind down with a few more beers, a curry, and the last contents of the fridge around 3am. Our sunday warm down consists of a stroll to the pub 10 more pints, and a sunday lunch that uses every last bit of energy to get through…So you see Mr Kit Makers, i could nt care less if its blue with white, blue with yellow, black, or pink with trim, all we ask is could you make the bloody things for supporters and not players, we dont want our nipples crushed, our necks in a collared noose, or 8 inches from the tail of the shirt to the top of our cracks, our playing days are over, just give us a chance to wear a shirt that looks like it might just fit…s…xl is for players xl ..xxxxxxxxxl is for fans.

  • Completely agree with Sneakay,& m@, Although you will still get the moans from people with kids, witch I can understand, but then again that was their choice too.

  • I actually quite like having a new shirt to buy each season (thats women for you – can’t stop us shopping!), but its part of the excitement of a new season starting and I was very frustrated last year that it took till October before we could buy it. Although I recognised that with all that was going on at the club, it was too small an issue to worry about. You also have to recognise that its a revenue stream for the club, and god knows PFC needs every revenue stream it can get! No-one has to buy the shirts if they don’t want to, after all. Looking forward to seeing next season’s new shirts!

  • I hear on the grapevine that, given the size of our squad, the new kit might only be suitable for a 5-a-side match.

  • I love buyng a shirt each year! In fact I usually buy the blue one and another (according to the colour etc…) I love collecting them besides it is always nice to start the season having something new to look forward to. Anyone knows if we are still contracted to Kappa?

  • its funny how as the various bits of news breaks, the percentage on the vote to the right changes

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