Date: 22nd December 2013 at 5:28pm
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An article from Stmonkton52. Not exactly positive reading but it probably sums up where most of us are I would guess? Read on for more.

There seems to be very little comment these days. I know we all care just as much as we ever did, maybe we’re all just becoming numbed by the gradual, continual slump in fortunes.

Do others feel like me that events are just happening to us and we’re powerless to do anything other than watch in despair?

I almost feel as though hope has gone and I just watch in resignation as things go from bad to worse.

Now, in theory, things can only get better. Oh how I hope so!

Can anyone see any real glimmers of hope? As a provocative thought, does anyone think that it would have been better to go out of business and live with our memories rather than watch in misery every match day?

I don’t think that by the way but it’s crossed my mind. Give me some hope someone please!

Written by Stmonkton52.

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2 Replies to “The Only Way Is Up?”

  • Of course it wouldn’t have been be better to go under. I still find it depressing, but that’s part of being a supporter. Compared to last season’s uncertainty, this is fun, maybe. At least the pain is starting to numb two days later.

  • I dont think that Stmonkton was saying they wanted that tbf, but I do get the point that we are so close to being where we look to be heading anyway with a clean slate beginning…
    We will pick up, we must pick up as if not the only way is down!
    I am sure Barker will do what is needed to keep us up tho.

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