Date: 9th August 2009 at 12:49am
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Jeez, talk about another day another rollercoaster of emotions – although technically as its gone midnight this has spilled into 2 days for me!

After deciding to go to the Rangers game with my mate Richie at the last I actually thought that we were ok to be honest, blinkered views aside – although I am told it was a ‘reserve’ side for Rangers?

I tell you what though I was very disappointed though with what sounded like some boos from some of the crowd for Pedro Mendes? Hopefully this was not the case and I was mistaken…

Like I say I think we played ok, Freddy looked alright, and of course scored a couple of well taken goals – and I loved the fact that he pretty much went into the Fratton End after his 2nd goal, I also loved it that when he came off he gave everyone a very good ovation, a player applauding the fans like he did went down very well! More of that please will suit me fine.

Then came the news that the deal ‘had fallen through!’

The journey home that Richie and I had was full of ‘if’s’, ‘and’s’ and ‘maybe’s’ but once again it seemed very much one step forward two steps back…

I just hope that one way or the other that something in the next 7-days or so – and that is what I am told will be the case before it is finally resolved – will be sorted out as it is long since gone that we need this resolved. Lets, one-way or the other, reveal our fate eh!

‘Based’ on what I saw on Saturday, whilst not getting carried away, if we could be left with the current squad and did not have that many injury problems, based on that ‘commitment’ and ‘effort’ we will stay up, but of course a lot depends on what is actually happening with this takeover? Foolish as I am I still feel, despite the latest ‘scare’, this will go through…


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