Date: 10th August 2009 at 8:05am
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PompeyFcMad returns with some more thoughts – we are fantastic fans, but we will need to be even more this season as ‘the team need us’ even more this season.

Pompey needs its fans, now you may be thinking ‘yeh i know’ but in Paul Hart’s Programmes notes from the Rangers game, he expressed his views on us and how fantastic we are to the team.

Paul Hart said,

“I’d like to start by again thanking you, the fans, for the terrific support at the end of last season which played its part in helping us maintain our Premier League status.”

“You can’t underestimate how much of a boost you give to the team when you are in full song.”

“One thing is for sure, we need more of the same this season.”

That last sentence sums it up for me, we need to push the team next season with our chants.

I know mostly every game we sing our hearts out and it’s nice to know that we help the team in the game.

So next season lets sing our hearts out EVERY game and push the team to safety and higher up the league, it will make a HUGE difference to the team and maybe a difference to where we finish next season.


Written by PompeyFcMad.

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14 Replies to “The Team Need Us”

  • Totally agree, passion off the pitch needs to be matched by passion and investment on it. I believe the fans will stick to their side of the deal, can the club stick to there’s?

  • Mad you are 100% correct there. But we do need to see the team is responding to our efforts and showing their pride in wearing the blue shirt.

  • I think we could learn something from the Rangers away support. They embarrassed us on Saturday.

  • I thnk maybe Paul Hart could teach the team some manners. How nice would it be for them to at least acknowledge the Fratton End at the end of the game. I get cross about the way most of them just leave the pitch without a by or leave every week.

  • I have paid a fortune going to watch dross; I’m struggling to get motivated to do it again. I will be singing at the fulham game but I will be looking for a response from the players.

  • 38 quid for a ticket to see pompey vs fulham. its only 32 for arsenal and they have a new stadium and play football which is great on the eyes.

    most people just cant afford 38 pounds each week.

  • i also think alot of people stayed away in protest to the takeover saga. if the takeover went through few says before game we would of seen a full house. was thier any banners or anything in protest at the game??

  • No hussler, everyone was being very positive on Saturday. There were no banners or bad chants or anything. It was all very enjoyable, even the football was entertaining to watch. But you are right, I don’t like to think about what it costs each time.

  • Totally agree the team need us, they always have. So do Portsmouth Football Club, we are their greatest asset. The real 12th man who would be sorely missed if we withdrew our support. But we’re not going to do that are we, never have and never will……PUP.

  • No doubt that we are going to get behind our club, winning or trailing. I felt last season, the handful of games I attended lacked atmosphere compared to other seasons. Let’s revert back to the support we are famous for.

  • Yes important we back the team but very unsure if that is united answer. The atmosphere wasn’t great last season & WE ARE PROBABLY GOING TO BE IN A WORST STATE THIS SEASON.

  • am i the only one a little p*ssed off with fans asking for a refund on season tickets etc?
    Yes i understand people not renewing because of credit crunch etc, but those who BUY a season ticket and then return it because of the state of the club/the sale of players. i presume these are the fa cup hangers on?
    It wasent that long ago when we were battling to stay in the championship/first division, deep in debt (once again) etc…..

    I support Portsmouth whoever wears a blue shirt, I dont go to fratton park just to see players like Johnson, Defoe and Crouch…..if you want to see these people play for a team you love… go to wembley ! i’ll support finnan, mullins and niemi just as much as these ‘multi million’ pound player.

    This season is when the true pompey fans will get behind the club. We all can see what is happening…lets just support them 110% no matter what happens this season. i personally think our experience will see us through this season, i can think of four teams who are worse than us. its just the bigger picture that is unsettling.

  • Longdistanceandy. Its crossed my mind to ask for a refund. I upgraded my tickets this year cos I thought it was going to be something special – turns out its possibly going to be worse than last year for £600 more per ticket. And YOUR *****ed off?!!??!

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