Date: 5th January 2012 at 10:26am
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An article from jsander48 with his views on Appy’s appointment as Pompey manager – read on for more.

It seems like only yesterday that Cotterill left for Nottingham. I wasn’t a big fan of him when he was appointed our new coach. My first impression of Cotts was that he was an inexperienced, lazy and embarrassing move for our club. I couldn’t see a former Notts County coach lasting in the Championship, especially since we have yet to have a stable ownership, lacked consistency, and he was leading a team with such a small squad that at one point we had one of the smallest squads in England. But he exceeded everyone’s expectations, he taught Nugent to score, we upset some teams (6-1 against Leicester, 2-0 Norwich, 2-1 Swans) and finished a well-deserved 16th place.

He won over the fans and turned my doubts into hopes of a bright future. Unfortunately reality kicked in like it always does with Pompey, he had left for Forest and we were forced to assign Guy and Stuart to temporarily take managerial roles. We didn’t do all that bad and after weeks of narrowing down, Pompey elected Michael Appleton as our new manager.

I got the same feeling I did when we got Cotts, another inexperienced coach except even worse, this guy looked like Lord Voldemort! After that ugly 2-0 defeat at Watford I knew he wouldn’t last but it was still too early to be sure. He turned it around and got 7 points out of 9 in the next 3 games.

I believe our 2-0 win at Watford on Monday shows how much this club has come in such little time with Appy. Hopefully he doesn’t make a huge mistake and move to some random club at the bottom of the Championship and fail, then become a League One coach for Chesterfield and get booed off the pitch at the end of every game! But I now put my trust in Appy that he is able to preserve a historically-rich club and keep the fans loyalty intact. We just have to take it a game at a time and slowly climb up the table.

For now lets just hope we can get cooperative owners soon enough, so we can become the next Man City minus the attitude!


Written by jsander48.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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7 Replies to “You Happy with ‘Appy?”

  • am i happy with Appy?

    got to say that i am – whilst i was not jumping for joy at his appointment something about it (and not just ‘the cheap option’) appealed to me as it seemed an appointment with a genuine ‘long-term’ vision in mind…
    i like the fact that he does not beat about the bush, if we were ***** he says as much, does not come out with all the ‘we were unlucky’, ‘how did we lose that’, ‘we were the better side’ ********* that cotts used to peddle out – and still does – all the time.
    yep he still needs to mould things his way but i like his way of thinking and reckon that his long-term vision is a good one for PFC so if he is given the backing and support to do this he can turn us around and WITHOUT wanting to spend millions, which we should not anyway.

    with this support i really do think, and hope, that he can become the best thing to happen to this club in years…

  • Good question and one that is not easily answered, when he was appointed I knew very little about this man, he had however many plaudits saying what a wonderful coach he was, the problem is though not all fantastic coaches make good managers Brian Kidd a prime example. I had a horrible feeling that here we go again Pompey going for the cheap option, then Watford away happened and I thought my fears were being realised. Still I thought give the man a chance it is still early days, unfortunately as time went by he was playing the same type of football as Cott?s one up front and no support, rather than getting goals to win games all that did was to get Kitson abuse from a lot of supporters. However things have moved on and with the introduction of Futacs into the line up whether it was by design or a forced issue the team is starting to play attractive football again and looking like they will score on most attacks. Obviously time will tell as when Pompey get a fully fit squad the team choices Appy makes will only then tell all what style of football he favours. At this moment in time the players seem to be working hard for the manager and long may it continue! All he needs to do now is to get Kitson to put the ball in the net once in a while
    Off the pitch during post match interviews the man sounds intelligent and straight to the point, if the team plays badly he say so with no hint of Bull****, aka Cott?s.
    In my mind the jury is still out, but I really hope that Pompey have found a gem

  • me? I am very happy with the appointment and he is doing a good job. David Lampitt told me a couple of weeks ago that he was very very pleased with the job he doing too.

    One grey cloud on the horizon though is will the new owners want a higher profile boss for their new acquisition?

  • I’m happy with Appy so far. Best thing as others have mentioned is that he speaks the truth, which is a great relief after months of “We had no shots on target, 5% possession, conceded 5 goals but we still deserved to win!” post match interviews. Keep up the good work MA and let’s hope you get some funds and support before the end of jan.

  • I have to admit I wasn’t sure about MA when we appointed him, but now im quite pleased we did, his honesty is like a breath of fresh air, the players seem to respect him and want to play for him always a big plus. I am sure given the time and money he will mould pompey into a very good side, i just hope we manage to keep hold of him, I only hope the new owners (If what we are hearing is true) back him! he seems to have a good eye for a player and knows whats required. we look a different team now than under Cotterill who was out of his depth, he strikes me as some one who will always give a 100% and wont except anything less he will do for me…

  • Got to say i like him. He has found out very quickly the problems with the playing team and tried with what means he has to put them right. I think we are a much stronger team than when SC was here and I think he has done a good job. Lets hope we can keep him for a while to see just how good he might be.

  • Straight talking, down to earth bloke that speaks football I like him! Not so sure of his 4-5-1-1 with Kitson at point but he has only lost 1 game in the last 7!
    But he’s the qualified expert not me so… I’m Happy with Appy!

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