Date: 19th June 2009 at 7:51am
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I am somewhat surprised, arguably a little disappointed, that Peter Storrie’s thoughts that ‘big money is not going to be spent this summer, ‘ well at least on playing staff, has been met with groans from some people I must admit!

For me ‘not spending big’ is not a bad thing – spending big, on the whole, in all manor of areas will see us reap the benefits in the end, and this is what I think we will do – and in fact this is what we have been told will happen.

Getting the whole structure of the club sorted out, and despite progress made in many areas others are still lagging way behind, so this will cost millions and spending money on this is something that Pompey desperately need to do – that, for me would be more important than spending £20m or whatever on a player…

Put it this way, top class footballers will not come to a club that does not even have the basics in place – ok, I know they have but we have to move more inline with the modern game to progress in the future and ‘hopefully’ Dr SAF can do this.

Then, and then think of it this way, when he does all being well, if/when we get these top players again in the future with that fact that we will have facilities in place that can and will generate revenue we will be able to afford to keep them, not have to sell them to make ends meet like we have…

All the time we are left behind the modern game we are not going to have the means to generate other revenue, so we will never be able to get anywhere near to be a ‘commercially viable’ option, getting the new training ground and redeveloping and maybe eventually leaving Fratton, incorporating all the bits that go with this, will mean money can be made in other ways and this will ultimately, in time, leave us in a position to not only buy these ‘star names’ but have the structure in place to keep them for the long-term – and then, again in time, all being well who knows where this could take us!

Yep, we need to bring in some players this summer that is obvious, but do we need to make £10m, £15m, £20m or so on signings?


If we do fantastic, but for me and in my thinking this is not essential and I have not been expecting this, so I would not be surprised or disappointed not to – and it surprises me that some people are, and in actual fact, do expect this to be the case.

The first signing we need is a manager, and a manager that can help us move forward. Then we bring in a few names and stabilise the club. I am sure that £20m could be more than enough to build on what ‘should’, even after departures, be a ‘decent’ squad to make us a more than able midtable side at least – this enables that stability, then we modernise PFC and continue this steady progress into what could one day be something really special…


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