Date: 5th April 2009 at 12:50pm
Written by:

I just went down to have a cuppa and some biscuits and sky sports 1 happened to be on, the game is, or was, Cardiff – Swansea. Anyway, you saw the ref – Mike Dean I think – visibly look as though he was hit by something then sure enough other missiles followed…

Before replays were needed, which did show a coin hitting him, you could see the lump on his forehead and then the blood a clear indicator that he had been struck, which as I say replays showed anyway. Throwing at a Swansea player but hitting him does not make it acceptable, as these actions are not acceptable full stop!

Thankfully the Cardiff ‘supporter’ was found out at half time, ejected from the stadium and will probably be banned for life – so why do it, what is the point?

You pay hard earned money to follow the team you love, so why do people do such stupid things that possibly result in them having something that they love and cherish so dearly taken away from them?

It is not acceptable for people to ‘throw things at people’ abuse people with ‘racial or homophobic’ taunts in ‘the everyday world’, so why do some people think that they can get away with this at football – I just do not get it…

I am happy to shout, scream and swear with the best of em, and for me if people do not like that kind of thing then its tough – unless ‘for no reason’, or ‘in a family section’ these kinds of actions should be expected and are acceptable but the throwing of objects, racial or homophobic abuse never should be, and thankfully these days never will be acceptable.

Why do these mindless morons – and I mean for anyone, we are no angels either are we, although to be fair, and like most, we are ‘pretty well behaved’ – do these kinds of things?

It is not just them that pay the price though, all supporters of the club in question suffer as does the club itself as they can often be slapped with a fine or ‘dragged through the mud’. For me it is not fair that clubs and decent supporters suffer as how can other supporters or the club be held accountable for one – or several – supporters’ actions? It is not like they can get inside a persons head and pre-empt what they are going to do is it! You can only advice, strike that ‘insist’ that fans do not do certain things, if they do how is it the club in questions fault, or their other supporters’ faults?

Naming and shaming is one way, but then you can end up with a ‘vigilante’ situation where other fans might like to dish out the reprobation, both from the club being shamed and those from the other side that were targeted.

Tensions are often high at football, and the ‘heat of the moment’ can cause some people to do strange things but why, when we all know it is wrong, do people choose to launch coins, lighters, mobile phones and the like at people – even if acting in the heat of the moment the time that it takes to reach into your pocket, select what to throw then actually throw it ‘should’ still give you time enough to think ‘actually this is wrong’, so I will not!

God, I just cannot get it, why, why, why do some people act in such idiotic ways – ‘why do it? What is the point!’


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