Date: 5th April 2009 at 11:01am
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Is there any chemistry in Hart’s tactics? 100% I must say.

So many articles this morning and yesterday evening suggested that Portsmouth are too defensive minded lately, especially following a 0-0 draw against fellow strugglers Hull at the weekend. This might be true, but gaining points away from home is what we need at the moment. Some say that the way forward is to attack, but what we have been seeing since Hart took over is that the way forward is to defend. If a side does not concede goals, and not score any either, there will be a gain of one point. Fact.

Although against Hull Portsmouth looked as if they were pleased with a draw, Paul Hart and Brian Kidd, at some point, hoped that we would score. But Hart was clever enough to ensure that his men do not concede while looking for that goal. And this is Hart’s chemistry.

Looking back, just a match before Hart took over, Portsmouth lost to Liverpool in a match we could have won only if then manager knew about the importance of defending your lead, especially against a top-four side.

However, against Hull, Portsmouth did not try very hard to score, but it was evident that we were not going to concede. Having said that, Portsmouth recent performances have underlined that we are a side capable of defending and ease off the pressure off our goalkeeper.

Recently, I have submitted an article ‘The Magic of Hart‘ in which I praised Hart’s decision to play a 4/5 men defence line; (Johnson), Kaboul, Campbell, Distin and Hreidarsson in order to be more composed at the back. Hart, against Hull opted to use the same system, and this implies that defending is the way forward. History can prove that Portsmouth have won the FA Cup by doing so.

Hart is the man who has a defensive mind of football and that is why he is the best man to manage Portsmouth, the side who was giving away goals for fun this season.

Well done Hart and Kidd, another brilliance proved worth it.

Written by Pompey Malta.

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16 Replies to “Hart’s Chemistry, the substance we need”

  • another really good, and well written, article Pompey Malta – thank for sharing it with us!

    i said this in the forum, so i will copy and paste it here as i feel it is relevent to this…
    ‘west brom will have a go at us, that is what they have done most of the season – altho i feel they will huff and puff then run out of steam, not taking enough of the chances they create then we will win…
    we need to be more positive at home, and surely we will be even with a 4-5-1 – which can be positive if we use it right – granted, against a team that are almost certainly going down i would much prefer we went with 2 up top but yep feel it is ‘accomodating’ niko at the moment, and that isnt doing us many favours – he ‘will not’ play on the left, he proved that when told to again yesterday at a short time when nugent was still on, and certainly after nugent went off, hence why belhadj came on.
    niko is a talented player but pulled out of just about everything yesterday, maybe harsh but i feel he ‘might’ be the player that jamo was talking about as ‘playing for a move more than planning to keep us up…’
    i would certainly go 4-4-2 against west brom with nugent alongside crouch, put niko on the left – as he will play – if he doesnt do a job maybe switch back to 4-5-1 but then bring belhadj on for niko and go 4-4-2 again. the set-up gives us a chance to switch from 4-5-1 to 4-4-2 but we are rarely doing this, it is clear that for away games we are going for a draw, parking the bus and if we get anymore great, if not we will take a precious point.
    the game was poor yesterday – but staying up is the priority, we must and i mean ‘must’ get a ‘proper’ manager in the summer tho, as we cannot survive a whole season with the tactics we are employing at the moment, granted they are working but will not yield enough points over 38 games and ‘if’ top players go, it is even less likely…’

    so, all in all i agree with you Malta, hart is doing what we need him to do this season but i feel we will certainly need more than this next season, and im not convinced he will be able to grind out these results next season if he stayed in charge…

  • Well, I know I have been criticising Hart, but I will say this for him. The Players are all taking notice of him and doing as they are told so his tactics (however boring) do work. With TA, I feel if he could have got the attention of the players, maybe we would not have conceded so much. (Mind you, some of his tactics were dreadful)….

  • PS: We are all going on about Hart at the moment. How much imput does anyone think Brian Kidd is putting into this boring scenario?

  • Does seem that Kidd has just disappeared now doesn’t it Gandor. We will be safe soon dedmans, Europa, here we come!

  • rather be defensively minded than keep shipping late goals which lost us so many points this season

  • Being defensive, has given the lads belief and a strong will to compete. These few weeks under Paul Hart are the best we’ve had since a long time. Thank God, Hart has found the exact recipe for the time being. maybe in the summer, as Rug said, Storrie should lokk around for a manager who can give us new ideas and football.

  • Only beaten once in 6 games is it now? When was the last time we were able to say that? It may have been the worst game over the weekend, but it is another point to add to the safety tally. Two home wins now and I think we can all relaz our squeaky bums!

  • I’m with you on this Malta. Get the points on the board then start moaning that they aren’t the right men for the job. I’m not saying they are, but for the time being they are doing a steady job. It could be worse, we could be like Newcastle and on our 4th manager of the campaign; instead of a mere 3rd!

  • I don’t think that Hart would necessarily stick with this recipe if he was in charge next season. I think he’s doing what is required in the current circumstances.

  • thats a cracking point NorfolknBlue, and one that i must admit i had ‘briefly’ thought of but not sure would be the case – for me if hart is in charge that means that sacha has not sold up, and if he has not sold up it is ‘more’ likely that better players will go in the summer/january so he will probably have even fewer players to deal with so would be even more likely to retain this appraoch?

  • Hart and Kidd are doing what needs to be done, if we keep getting a point away and three at home (Arsenal/Manyoo excepted) we’ll be just fine – staying up is what counts.

  • All too defense centric for me although we have lose only one of six we have only one two of six .. I’m not a fan of Hart as manager and if he had ‘gone for it’ a little more we would have beaten Stoke Boro and Hull .. all away from home.. settling for one point is a tactic for sure but the bottom line is that if you dn’t score you dn’t win .. The points system in the premier league is biased towards wining on purpose – that’s why you get three points for a win.. If we settled for a point in each game … we’d have 38 points … Would that be enough to stay up ?… I think I’m falling asleep just thinking about it … For me the best form of defence is attack ..

  • Exactly – in the Boro game the ball was up the home end so much, a law of averages said the ball had to go in at some stage. We mugged the game away.

  • Well you can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s arse so we make do with what we have. We are very limited on silk so needs must!

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