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This is a recollection from dedmans on some memories sparked by looking at some family photos, which included a few of some Pompey legends.

I was looking through some black and white photos that I took in the late 70’s and in there was also a picture I took from my mother’s some while ago. I am doing this now to give my mum some pictures of the past and it was co-incidental that I was communicating with you.

However, one is of Jimmy Dickinson taken by me at an Xmas party at home which is superb and could be unique, the other is of the Maniacs cricket team in 1965 (my father’s team) that shows the line up to face Petersfield C.C. Included in the picture is Jimmy, Brian Lewis and Harry Harris.

Jimmy Dickinson, 1978

I think it was Xmas 78 when we had small party at our house in Chawton. If you look at the picture you got the other day (here), you can see how he had lost weight in 2 years.

Maniacs Cricket Team, 1965

The cricket picture also includes Cliff (Portwood) of course and I was 11 years old then. Jim’s batting was like everything he played (I played Table Tennis & Tennis with him in later years) very steady and accurate. Never hitting wildly but always playing the ball and placing it exactly where he wanted it to go!

Although I was around, Jim kept things very much to himself and occasionally spoke to my father about football matters but, I believe that because he cared so much about PFC he shouldered too much responsibility without any release of pressure.

My father told me two things about Uncle Jim, one was that he was picked to play tennis at Wimbledon but was not able to because he was a professional sportsman and the other fact, which is rather prophetic, that he could not get life insurance because his blood pressure was remarkably low.

I promised my 84 year old mother that I would tell you that my father was Jim’s best man at his wedding and not the other person named in that otherwise superb book about him – she has always been upset about the error!

Written by dedmans in March 2009.

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12 Replies to “Happy times with Pompey legends!”

  • brilliant stuff dedmans, thanks for sharing these photos and memories with us/
    its a real shame about your father not getting the true mention that he should have about being jimmy dickinson’s best man.

  • This article is simply amazing. I never knew that Jimmy Dickinson was a tennis player too – brilliant dedmans and some great photos – you should get some more up. Wish I was able to see the great man play.

  • Wow, that is amazing. It is nice to know that years ago the sportsmen were what we would call normal people and mixed with the everyday folk, not like todays ‘superstars’ who seem to believe they are above everyone. Great article.

  • I bumped into Jimmy on Frogmore road one day – I was about 13 – and asked for his autograph and I still have the pen which he used which is a most prozed possession. Sadly, can’t say the same for the autograph – not sure what happened to that.

  • I had the pleasure of reading this article some time ago and it is fascinating stuff.

    For those who don’t know in the cricket picture Cliff Portwood in crouching left with Brain Lewis playing the fool as usual behind him. Harry Harris is wearing pads and bat front right.

    I am going to email dedmans (when I get around to it) and ask him to join the Sunday Toast team so we can expand on some of his memories in more detail. Watch this space as they say.

  • Brilliant article mate, i am really envious that you met the great man.
    A memory to treasure and be proud of.

  • wow, this is fantastic history dedmans. Please tell your Mum we all now know your Dad was Jim’s best man!

  • She told me that to get married, Jim needed a pair of smart dress gloves and as there was only one pair, they had one each!

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