Date: 10th March 2008 at 10:45pm
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Now we know who we are going to play, the question is ‘what are we going to wear?’

Firstly, the team?

WBA were drawn out first, so are they the home team, they play in the dark blue & white stripes which may clash with our blue or our white? Are there dark blue stripes to thick for us to play in black?

When will we know so we the supporters can turn Wembley into a sea of our colour?

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25 Replies to “What to wear?”

  • my money is on white, as for the fans, how about a revival of the North stand boaters? Very common in the late 80’s, looked very dapper, that ans all the Colin Clarke masks last time me made the semi’s

  • i know the fellas i went to old trafford with were saying are we doing fancy dress for the semi final… all i know is i have to wear the shirt that ive worn for every round! yep, i think we’ll be wearing white too tho paul.

  • All turn up in tailored suits. Might not match your kit but it’d look incredible! 😛

  • Zola… I’ve had similar thoughts… I’m trying to get my lot to dress in ‘what thye would have worn in ’39’ … Tailored suits, flat caps, rattles, It’ll be great if we can get some kind of theme going…. might even be worth a shout to The News… if we can get enough of us to decide on something similar..

  • Did somebody say “sailor suits”? Well really sweetie don’t u think thats a bit raunchy. Oh sorry I’ve just pu my glasses on, you said “tailored suits”.

  • Whoa your really looking forward to this arent ya lol dont balls it up now u have the easiest path to the final in 60yrs, i usually cheer the underdog and cheered your win at utd but somehow youre odds on favourites so dnt knw what to do now lol even though judas plays for you id like to see pompy lift the cup and get into europe. You deserve it, so go do it lads!!!

  • Would love to Pompey play at Wembley in the traditional Blue, White and Red but not this time. Maybe the Final if we can get there.

  • A theme is a great idea – and inflatables etc. I was thinking of getting a blue wig and possibly some sort of sailor teddy bear from the dockyard gift shop – (or inflatable sailor? ooh er missus!). Sailor suits might be worth considering.

  • paultsmouth boaters is a good idea, not only class, comfortable, not expensive and picked out by the cameras easily. Go for it launch a campagn.

  • I remember the boaters in the mid 80s. I stood with some of them, where are you Dave Brewer (I think) & his mates. Even had our picture in the News. More fame!!!! Anyway, I expect there will lots of themes going on, the more the better & lots of blue. This of course will a ‘dress’ rehearsal for the actual final. It bl00dy better be!

  • I’m hoping we get through to play Barnsley in the final so we can definitely wear our blue, white and red for the big one.

  • Yes but what about if Cardiff get there & they can’y qualify for Europe as an English team because they are Welsh.

  • if cardif get to the final, then either us or west brom will be in europe (whoever wins). would love to see us wear blue…would love to see us win the cup…so much to ask…

  • Cardiff have already said they will challenge it if they are not allowed to play in the UEFA cup if they win. My feeling is they elected to register in Wales as an easy way to get to Europe through winning the Welsh cup. They had the option to register in England as well as Wales but decided not to because of the extra cost. While I would understand their feelings I also think you can’t have it both ways and they may end up rueing their decision.

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