Date: 10th March 2008 at 4:13pm
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A question raised over a glass of alcohol on Saturday found no answers.

Not how did we win having only had 35% possession but when was the last time Pompey played at Wembley?

I’ve got mates who support Torquay, Yeovil, and Morecambe who have all been to Wembley for matches in various competitions but I don’t know any Pompey fans who have been to Wembley, certainly since the war (the second world one not the Falklands).

So the big question is when did we last play at Wembley and are their any other league clubs who have had to wait so long?

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30 Replies to “When was the last time we played at Wembley?”

  • My dad was 2 weeks old! So, so desperate to get to Wembley with Pompey, especially missing out in ’92 & ’93. My hope is 3 visits. Win the semi, win the final & then the CHARITY/COMMUNITY SHIELD incase we all forgot that. It could Man Utd too.

  • Had a bit of a check after posing this questions and the Cup Final appearance in 1939 is the last time Pompey were at Wembley, although the BBC mentioned something about 1942? That said Cardiff haven’t been there since 1927, which isn’t a bad thing.

  • The London War Cup Final – 30 May 1942 lost 2-0 to Brentford attendance 72,000. One or two well known names in Pompey side including Reg Flewin.

  • Who cares when the last time was lads, we are on our way back, am i still dreaming? is it for real? is Rio a goalie? we are going to Wembley.

  • Sky Sports have suggested each team will get 33,00 tickets. I thought we would get nearer 40!

  • 33 000 tickets…thats more than we have in all of fratton park…in act, its more than 50% more…in fact, its nearly as much as we plan to get in our new stadium…in fact…do you reckon i’ll have any problems getting tickets?

  • I think the last time we went to Wembley for a competion game was 1942 but I seem to remember we played an exhibition game their in the early 50’s when we were still a top side.

  • wembley! i still cant quite believe we are to winning the oldest and greatest cup competition in the world, i cant wait to order my tickets.Just think by september we could have won the fa cup, got into europe, acheived a higher league position than last year,have won another asia trophy type cup with all its prize money, and then got the charity shield. wow.

  • yep, lets take it one step at a time for now – if we expect too much we’ll be on for one hell of a fall if it goes wrong… hopefully all those that deserve tickets will get them – but alot crawl out of the woodwork on occassions like this dont they…

  • I’d like to see the club put on some free or subsidised transport for the pensioners, disabled etc who regularly support the club at home but can’t afford to go to Wembley. With the windfall from this and, hopefully, the final it shouldn’t be too much to ask.

  • £55 is a lot to go and see one game of football…+travel+ we are likely to get to the final…im not convinced we will sell out our allocation for the semis!!!

  • of course we will carpet, no two ways about it… it is most likely that the ticket i get will be closer to £55, if not £55…

  • course we will sell out you muppet. 33,000 is not alot really, as if you include that season ticket holders will have a choice of two each, and lets say that theres 12,000 season ticket holders, and half take that option, then thats 18,000 gone, then I would say that there would be more then 15,000 people wanting to go carpet, so its goin to be tough for those none season ticket holders, really tough.

  • bit harsh that gleams… i had thought about season ticket holders maybe having the option of buy 1 for them and 1 other, but that could be almost what 24,000 sold to season ticket holders alone, so it will surely be 1 per season ticket holder?

  • Yea, i’m pretty sure season ticket holders will only be entitled to one each, When I got my tickets to Man U they would only sell to you if you ar eon their data base, so they ‘know’ who is going. If they sell one plus one to season tickets, they dont know who the other one is for, therefore, possibly, ending up in either ‘undesireable’ hands, or on ebay.

  • I agree with Gleamer … Carps you’re a muppet !… but seriously, and I don’t mean this in a patronising way… forget the cost… go! .. especially you guys who have no responsibilities of kids and families or mortgages etc… I have waited all my life to see Pompey at Wembly and you never know when the chance will come around again… Don’t get fooled into thinking that you’ll just go to the final we might not win.. Don’t take the risk… I was skint in ’92 and I mean skint but I decided to go to Highbury and Villa Park and would’ve begged borrowed or stealed to go the Wembley.. Yes it’s expensive and yes it may be hard BUT this is a chance of a lifetime.. grab it with both hands …. As I said I don’t wanna sound irresponsibile or patronising but forget about the money GO – The memory will be worth so much.

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