Date: 29th May 2009 at 6:53pm
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Already bored of the same recycled speculation, Chix takes a sideways glance at why the ‘new man in charge’ chose Pompey above all others

Well it’s been over 48 hours since the news broke that Dr. Dosh is to become the new owner of Pompey and although we have only actually seen two ‘official’ pieces of information (the club statement and the Doc’s interview) we have witnessed endless streams of text and diatribe from a myriad of different newspapers, websites and TV reporters around the World. Each of them ‘suggesting this’ and ‘suggesting that’ and offering their two penneth on where our millions are going to be spent.

Of course everybody has a point of view at a time like this and with no facts to work with it’s a great time to speculate as nobody can actually claim somebody else is wrong! It’s just opinion and each of us is entitled to our own as much as the next man or woman.

After a while however, the same old theories and conjecture get recycled over and over and over again to such an extent that I actually get bored of reading them. There is, after all only so much you can do with the fact that Pompey appear to be getting a new owner who is considerably richer than all of us put together.

So I decided to write about something different, but didn’t know what. Then, it occurred to me.

As I was pondering how to break ‘the ever increasing circle of speculation’ I suddenly realised that the man that made all this possible; Uncle Peter Storrie must have, at some point, had to ‘sell’ Pompey to the Doc? Just think about that for a minute..

We are talking about convincing an extremely wealthy bloke (and his mates) to put up in the region of £60m to take on a club carrying a huge debt, a squad of (mostly) under-performing players (some of whom want out), a crumbling stadium with the lowest capacity in the Premiership (albeit with a development pending), an un-started training ground development, and a ‘pie in the sky’ idea for a new ground to host Olympic football should Captain Beckham and his cronies convince the people in power that England could host such an event.

OK, so I’ve focussed on the negatives a little, but it still begs the question “What was it that made the Doc sign on the dotted line?”

Some articles I’ve read in the past couple of days suggest he liked the look of Gunwharf, other reports state that he was impressed by the fact that we were situated by the sea, some went as far as to hypothesize that the Spinnaker Tower reminded him of the Burj Al Arab: That seven star hotel in Dubai. What utter tosh! Are we really that stupid to believe anybody would invest upwards of £60m+ because they admired some architecture !

The thing that sold Pompey to the Arabs was us. The fans, supporters and followers of Portsmouth Football Club and I’ll explain why.

Sure the ‘potential’ for our little club to upstage the ‘Wealthy Four’ would have been an attraction. True also, that a model of the new training ground would have been impressive to play-with, as would have been a cardboard mock-up of the new stadium on Horsea Island (or wherever it is this week), but those things do not make us stand out from the rest. Plenty of clubs need further development.

So what was our Unique Selling Point? If you think about it hard enough it is obvious and soon you’ll see why.

If YOU were in the market to buy a football club and were sitting through a video at a sales presentation the thing that would make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, the thing that would stir your emotions more than anything else would be the sight of 200,000 people on Southsea Common welcoming home a cup winning team or the noise of 20,000 people inside a packed Fratton singing ‘Tony Adams (bless him) Blue Army’ for half an hour non stop . Wouldn’t you think ? “Now THERE is untapped potential. These fans turn out in numbers and are truly passionate”

We very often beret ourselves at the fact that Fratton Park is not as noisy at it once was and that we should get behind the team more (which of course we should) but if any one of us had to conduct a presentation on the potential of Pompey FC would we not show footage of the very things I’ve mentioned – I’ll answer that for you ? Of course we would!

Given the Doc’s comment “Portsmouth has incredible history, and its fans are some of the most loyal in the world of football” I have no doubt whatsoever that he has been sold an image of the most passionate, most loyal and most noisy set of supporters in England filling a new stadium. I can just see it now?

Uncle Peter steps forward and says “The thing is your ‘Doctorship Highness Important one’ we can only accommodate 10% of the people on the Common in our current location. Imagine what noise 40,000 would make in a new purpose built stadium”

Sure, Premiership survival was key to the deal being actually signed but why was there a deal there in the first place and why having looked at other ‘small’ clubs such as Spurs and Newcastle did he pick us?

To me the answer is obvious. Survival was a pre-requisite, the status of our Academy a benefit, the new stadium an investment opportunity but we, the heart and soul, the pride and passion even the heartbeat of the club were the USP.

So be prepared to show your pride, be ready to demonstrate your passion and above all gear up for the most dynamic change ever in the history of PFC. It is down to us – Let’s all enjoy it

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47 Replies to “What sold Pompey to Dr. Dosh?”

  • So there you have it, I?ve made my point and in doing so have given each and every Pompey fan the right to stand up and give him or her self a huge pat on the back. ?just as long as they reserve one for Uncle Peter? After all it was he who represented us !

  • Good original article; interesting points but being a cynic I think it is more to do with the fact that he is a property investor, opportunities for his business man coinvestors will earn him more revenue. Not to mention sasha cut his share option value to improve the offer. But of course it may not be down to his PR advisers he may just want the adulation of this countries greatest fans

  • Fair shout Russ but the property investor bit worries me .. I can see that the opportunity to ‘build’ is there but surely you don’t realise the investment until it is ‘sold’ … So if he is in it for the long term .. Which he seems to imply … Surely the only way to make a return is to fill the ‘property’ with passionate fans, who (as you say) will adore him (well his dosh anyway !) – All that said I know nothing about property development other than how do paint a ceiling 😉 So you could well be right

  • my first comment since the doctor kindly stepped in. lets face it. im out of a job being the pessimist. so here goes, he chose us because newcastle went down. i bet all the money i have he would have bought them if they had stayed up. what we have though is potential. he could potentially build two stadiums and the training pitch, and we could only be mid table fodder and he would still make a killing. what i do like about this bloke is that he is PASSIONATE about football, and he is making the right noises so far! it just seems wierd that “lil ol pompey” has cash written all over it. and at this time southampton are going to be owned by matt le tissier … LOL!

  • sascha is a property invester, al fahim is a property invester. who says they arn’t just good friends? 🙂

  • as for potential – I hate that word – every club has potential. you pump £3 billion into it, and it will do well. spurs have potential – they want a new ground, and traing facilities, why not go for them? What abour Burnley? they’ve walked into the premiership having had a series of impressive cup runs. they have potential. Every club has potential.

  • personaly, what I think sold us to him, is that we are a CHALLENGE. we need more done to us than most, and if this guy wants a bit of recognition, he will get a hell of a lot more taking lowly pompey to the champions league, than taking newcastle, birmingham, villa…etc there.

  • Pessimist oh how you must be struggling now (lol) still the deal has not been ratified yet so perhaps we should exercise a bit of caution but I,m not conb=vinced he sold us because the Zebras when down, Ashley would be too proud to sell. I do agree that he seems enthused by the prospect of taking over and I was impressed with what he said in his interview.. but we have gotta feel bad for Scummers haven’t we .. nah

    Carps I’m sure if Sasha and the Doc were mates we’d have heard about him well before now. As for the word ‘potential’ I think you’re right but every dog has its day and today we (appear to be) the dog, so let’s enjoy it.. also if every club has potential why then did he pick us .. other than for the reasons I’ve stated.. oh ‘the challenge’ yep that’s a fair shout but surely there are some clubs that are more of a challenge than us.. then again perhaps not in the Premiership. As for Pompey in the Champions League well we can but dream..

  • I was trying to think this one through. I think the first thing he probably looked at was “who’s for sale” – that would be us, and west ham in the premiership… so then it would come down to which team is more of a chalenge/would look better/more funny if it did well. And that would be pompey all the way! (oh, and we have less depbts, cost less, have a better squad, he has the freedom to pick a manager…etc.).

  • I think it’s fair to say that Newcastle might well have been an attractive option had they not gone down apart from the fact that Pompey has got greater potential for development, esp. the ground, and for international people, being close to London is attractive.

  • Well there are a lot of folk saying the same things ive been thinking.
    Newcastle is also by the sea is’nt it? so …I have also thought that we may well have benefited from their relegation. Any way to my real point…t the Arabian news fella the TV and radio always call out said on sky and talk sport The Dr had in reality enquired about a £700m purchase of Chelsea ..but was knocked back/or chose not to because the scope of investment was limited ie they could only grow CFC by 5 to 10%, and their initial outlay may not be worth the risk, whereas with PFC….the outlay was very low, around one tenth of the CFC proposal, but the potential for increase=profit was massive.
    Think of it this way. If you had a spare £15, would you back CFC for the title at say 3/15 ( lay out 15 to win 3) or back Pompey to merely qualify for the champions league at 100/1- ( THATS £1500 profit)
    The Consortium know they have enough money to seriously consider purchasing CFC for £700m + future player purchases of the standard they were used to buying for Champions league-( we are not talking Basinas and Mullins here).
    A quote for this same fella last year when the City deal broke that I clearly recall on sky was That The Dr was absolutely amazed That CFC had ?only spent £500m and had said is that all??
    So with this in mind, imagine.. 5 years time Pompey in a new stadium with the size and kudos of CFC currently have….what would your profit margins be then, compared to the initial out lay?
    Not to mention all the luxury flats and houses in a nice seaside bit of real estate, built in the recession and sold in the next boom.
    This I firmly believe was Sacha?s vision but he ran out of dosh..

  • chix.. i didnt mean to sound as if i disagree withthe article, but his comments about fans and players could as easlily ..and more realistically be aimed at Zebra’a. but a great article mate.

  • i think you looked better in the purple chix XD. oh but on a more serious note great article and i think you could be right and carpets shout on a challenge also sounds pretty good if ya ask me. but after reading plymouths wall o text i thik i’ve got agree with that, it makes the most logical sense, the mans rich for a reason and i could easily believe he’s in this for the amount of money he could possibly make of PFC. but as long as he’s willing to plow money in over a longish period and get the new stadium etc and give us alot more stability then i don’t really think i care about his motives. although it would be nice if he truely was passionate about pompey but you can’t have everything lol

  • I gota agree… plymoth graham wins the competiion for the most likely reason for choosing pompey over other clubs… (although it doesn’t explain why he didn’t go for burnly…)

  • i Sascha soon became hooked and to his credit refused to sell to cowboys ansd vultures, and waited for a genuine geezer.
    My One big concern is WIMBLEDON.
    You what i hear you say,
    what i mean is a rich guy repackaging relocating renaming.Then theres nothing left.
    play up dubai blues, dubai blues play up.etc etc etc

  • It was our logo that sold him on the club. It won’t be tough marketing a team with a trade marked arabic crescent as a logo to fans in places like Dubai and elsewhere in the middle east.

  • *actually, he was an Imperator, and he was also romes first ever leader (acording to my list)… but that’s just being pedantic

  • why is everyone praising plymouth on this … i originally said he would make a killing off us … maybe i cant express myself better than him but i got the point out first LOL =)

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