Date: 18th March 2009 at 10:26am
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To be honest The News is not always the most ‘Pompey friendly’ paper going is it, despite apparently being the paper for Pompey, so seeing them happy to push Theo Gekas’ thoughts at being unhappy at not getting a 1st team opportunity are not surprising.

To be fair though, the story, ‘if’ as it has developed, does give a broader picture as to what the situation has been for the loan striker since his arrival, and does not really favour him – it actually makes me question his attitude and does not exactly do him many favours…

I know it was Tony Adams that brought him to Pompey, but for whatever reason it does appear that Paul Hart does not fancy the Greek striker, and his frustrations have been growing, with him finally snapping telling The News: ‘I don’t deserve something like this, such treatment. I think my CV is worthy of respect.

‘Through my efforts on the field in the past year, I’ve shown people what I’m capable of. I deserve more respect.

‘I didn’t walk away from Leverkusen – a club going for the German Championship – in order to come over here, at a club fighting for survival only, and being seated in the stands.

‘I didn’t come here just to train with the rest of the team.

‘I don’t care if there’s a new manager, I only know Mr Hart keeps ignoring me without even giving me a single, a simple, explanation.

‘He should give me a chance first and then, if I fail, he can judge me.’

To be fair I agree that if he is not given a chance how can he be judged, and I can understand his frustrations at not being given a chance – I think most of us are as frustrated that he is not even being given a run from the bench, and with 6 outfield options to pick each week its somewhat perplexing that he, and others, cannot even get a look in. If he is not good enough, then lets just be honest about it – not keep saying ‘the chance will come’.

He has been praised by a Pompey goalscoring legend Guy Whittingham, and he should know a good striker when he sees one, but its looking more and more like this striker is not going to be one we see.

We also have to look at it from another point of view too, that of Hart, who is playing things ‘safe’, maybe too safe at times though? He is of course the manager, and it is thought that he has asked Gekas to play in the reserves so he can get a closer look at him – but he has refused to do this, and with several fixtures over the past couple of weeks he could have played a fair few games, and maybe scored a fair few goals?

No player is bigger than a club, particularly a loanee, regardless of their history, and if he is a ‘big time Charlie’ that thinks he should not have to prove anything to anyone then to be fair you do have to back the manager do you not?

‘If’ he has refused to play in the reserves then this will not go down well – add his thoughts to this, which have now gone beyond frustration, and this situation all looks like it ‘might end in tears’ now… His publicly shared thoughts will not go down well with the club, and his chances of getting a look-in now appear even slimmer than they were…


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