Date: 13th March 2009 at 7:47am
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From time to time Vital Pompey has run competitions, which have always been free to enter, and always seen a prize(s) handed out – so regular competitions have been something I have been wanting to do for a while, and the time has come when I feel we are now ready to offer one every month, maybe sometimes more than 1 a month! This depends how ‘generous’ we feel at Vital Pompey Towers…

Anyway, a nice easy one to start off with, and you do not even really have to do anything to stand a chance of winning – the winner will also be notified by the end of this weekend!

The competition!

  • All you have to do to stand a chance of winning is leave a comment in the ‘match day live’ feature on Saturday when we play Boro! This thread will be up and running around 30 minutes before kick-off and so long as it is made in this thread by 6pm on Saturday you have a chance of winning…

  • Going to Riverside, or simply will not be around to login on Saturday? Fear not, simply leave a comment in this thread, also by 6pm on Saturday, and you still have a chance!

  • Oh yea, the comment – in this thread, or ideally the Boro one on Saturday – must be giving an answer to this ‘simple question’: ‘How many wife beaters – that is a joke, please take it as such – more commonly know as ‘Stella’s’ will Chix drink during the Boro game?’

    Getting the amount right is not essential, but the comment itself is! I ‘might’ do another spin off competition on this one for those that do get the amount right – if he can remember the amount he drinks…

    What could I win, who can win and how do I know if I win?

  • What could I win: Hmm, well that would be telling – I do know what you will be winning, sometimes I will reveal, others I will not, but I will never amend what I do plan to give away and in the interests of fairness I will make my co-eds (who are eligible to win!) aware of the prizes each time…

  • Who can win: Anyone, bar myself – unless stipulated otherwise – can win the competition, and the first name at random drawn from those entered to win will win – simples! If this is ever for a prize that you cannot make use of, lets just say for arguments sake a ticket for a game (you are already a season ticket holder) then you will be eligible to pass on your prize but NEVER at a profit! If you are an overseas member then if this is not possible a possible ‘cash alternative’ could be an option?

  • How do I know if I win: I will contact you via private message – an email like feature, which you see in the forum – and via email. If I have no reply within 48-hours then I will leave a comment in the competition thread to announce the winner so check back, or in an article announcing the winner…

    So, as the saying goes you have to be in it to win it so make sure you are in it if you want to win it, whatever ‘it’ is!


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