Date: 24th December 2009 at 11:53am
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It has become something of a ‘tradition’ for Vital Pompey to wish our members, and basically the network as a wholes members, a very Merry Christmas.

With that said, WHY should 2009 be any different!

So, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone on Vital Pompey/Vital Vital Football from the editorial team on Vital Pompey – now go and get rat arsed, or stop the kids from getting rat arsed if you are a parent – or go and get rat arsed with them!

Either way, there is a common theme to what we suggest…


Message from Rug…

Anyone, and I am now talk merely to Pompey fans, who was ‘glad’ to see the back of 2008 – although, we MUST remember that this was the year we won the FA cup – in the hope that 2009 would bring something better was sorely mistaken, what a 12-months this has been, right?

And it aint even done yet!

Although lets be honest the closing months of 2008 were not exactly without plenty of warning signs as to what 2009 would bring eh! But 2009, when we are all honest, has been even more demoralising and depressing – at times – than we would have imagined it would be in some of our worse nightmares.

Yet, take some comfort in this – it could have been worse…

2009, football wise – although not personal wise for myself as I have had a ‘decent year’ and have seen the addition of a further 2 nephews, little buggers! – has been one to forget. We have seen the club that we love dragged through the mud, washed off, then dragged through it again, although we have not always been washed off between draggings! Still now this continues to happen on an almost daily basis, then again, despite ‘claims’ otherwise these thoughts are RARELY anything new!

Some of those connected with PFC, past and present need to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves – to leave us in this state, and ‘seemingly’ still struggle to get us out of it is almost unforgivable and fans as passionate, loyal and committed as us DO NOT deserve this, then again any club that has truly committed fans, which lets be fair most do, does not deserve this and I would not wish harm on ANY other club

All we can do is ‘hope’ and ‘pray’ that 2010, as we move out of the ‘noughties’ and into the ‘tenies’, brings us better fortune and more to cheer about – things cannot really get much worse though can they, but EVEN if they do we know that we WILL still be there.

2009 has been another fantastic year for Vital Pompey, for me we continue to show that we have the best, and most respectful bunch of ‘hard core’ t’internet based fans that do know their football and do not think that we have to ‘shout and scream’ at each other to make a point – we CAN and DO talk things through rationally an sensibly and for that we ALL deserve great credit.

Granted, I – and the editorial team – worked bloody hard again, yet WITHOUT you guys we have nothing. So, as we move into 2010, which ‘might’ prove another difficult year, the most important thing is that we stick together, this bond cannot, and will not be broken. So continue to make Vital Pompey your home, before, during and after games we play as you mean a lot to us.

So, that is me done I would like to finish by again wishing you ALL a very Merry Christmas, I hope to see some of you ahead of the Arsenal game for a couple of ‘shandies’ before we, all being well, get another 3pts to move out of the bottom 3!

Message from Chix…

Wow.. Where do I start …

Well I guess 2009 has been an up and down year for me on Vital. Due to family commitments (two kids under five) and a change of job I’ve not contributed half as much as I would have liked (especially with regard to ‘They Played’ and ‘Pompey Players Past and Present’) but the thing about Vital Pompey is that whenever I post, my comments are always welcomed and given that I have strong stances on many issues that is very rare for a forum based website.

The biggest compliment I can pay Vital Pompey is that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s not there. I was ‘internetless’ for a month in June and again in September and boy did I feel out of touch .. but once back on-line the usual crowd were here with a warm ‘welcome back’.

Despite what some claim nobody knows what is going to happen to PFC in 2010 but whatever comes our way I know the first place I will continue to look for balanced open honest & frank debate is Vital Pompey.

I’d like to wish everybody at Vital Pompey (browsers and contributors) a very Merry Christmas and a relegation free New Year.

Message from eastneydave…

Firstly can I send my best wishes for the Christmas season and 2010 to all the members of the Toast team they include – Simon, Tony, John, Steve, Tina, Mike, Jim and many, many, more. Without their input, some of it unknowing, you would not have the mixed bag that Toast proves to be (I hope!) I listen to what they have to say and occasionally I get an idea which spawns an article. Thanks to them all. I am working on some special articles for the New Year with their help. No clues yet except one will include a unique view on the problem affecting the game from a man with inside knowledge.

Secondly by thanks and best wishes to my colleagues on the Editorial team Rug, Paul and Chix. It has been a tough year for us with the problems the club have been having but he have worked well as a team and even met up for a pint a couple of times. Great stuff lads you make Vital Pompey what it is.

Lastly and not least Seasons greetings to you the fans who read this column every week. Without you there would be no Toast and your positive and complimentary comments help me keep going when the copy is a bit thin. I read all your comments and try to answer all your questions.

Message from paultsmouth…

Happy Xmas from the Gosport branch of Vital, been a bust year for gossip and testing the loyalty to the limit, but through Vital this year we got to have a meeting with Peter Storrie and Al Fahim.

As we all know Pompey are in strife still, but the fanbase remains and no matter what happens next year we will still be here!


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