Date: 4th January 2008 at 1:37pm
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Here you go .. something to smile about …again..

Last month when I signed off from my monthly ‘Anoraks View’ I stated that I wouldn’t compile the stats for December as it would mean missing the all important minutes of seeing out the old and welcoming the New Year, and if I did that I’d probably be needing a divorce lawyer very soon afterwards.

At the time, that was a very easy statement to make, but as the month of December wore on and so many good articles were published and people who had never submitted an article before saw there name in lights for the first time I ‘sadly’ started to wonder just how well we would fair against previous months.

The curiosity became unbearable and although I knew that 12 midnight on New Years Eve was, even for me, a bit sad, I started to conjure devious ways to get my monthly stats fix. The in a moment of inspiration it hit me … as my wife got changed (at about 9 o’clock) I quickly turned on the laptop and downloaded the stats as they stood then. So on the basis that anybody who posted after 9 o’clock New Years Eve doesn’t deserve to have those few extra points counted I have something to share with you fellow anoraks out there…

December was a funny month – On a club by club basis Arsenal took back the 6th place spot that we nicked from them in November but Blackpool somehow managed to nearly double their November figure and leapfrog from 10th to 4th … Bournemouth meanwhile came from outside of the top twenty and stormed into 8th knocking us down another peg to 9th

The Points Table of the most active sites looks as follows:

1. Millwall – 17833pts
2. Aston Villa – 16133pts
3. Chelsea – 10004pts
4. Blackpool – 9603pts
5. Spurs – 9219pts
6. Arsenal – 8287pts
7. Sheff Wed – 6388pts
8. Bournemouth – 6162pts
9. Portsmouth – 5794pts
10. Celtic – 4290pts

Now before you all start feeling downhearted there is some excellent news….

We may have slipped a few places in the ratings but the contribution to our site has still grown. In November we amassed nearly 5000 points whereas in December we managed a staggering 5794 .. and not only that…. when you compare the number of contributors each site has, we have the highest ‘points per member’ average in the top ten – That means that on average Vital Pompey members say more and contribute more than any other site in the top ten..

And there’s more …..

Once again our very own ‘Landlord Rug’ amassed our highest individual total with a crackin’ 897 and finished in 4th place in the individual network rankings. I reclaimed 2nd from Pompeycarpet but just missed out on the network top ten again (13th) but as a site we had a staggering 9 members in the network top 100 individual rakings. The positions were as follows:

1. Rug – 897pts, 4th
2. Chix – 651pts, 13th
3. Eastneydave – 401pts, 40th
4. Penton – 362pts, 45th
5. Storagematt – 320pts, 59th
6. Paultsmouth – 309pts, 61st
7. Whitestones – 306pts, 62nd
8. Gleamer – 278pts, 79th
9. Carpet – 275pts, 80th

Not only that but we also had Pompey4me in the ‘200 club’ with 218 points and another 7 members in the ‘100 club’ as follows:

11. UK Tony – 155pts, 202nd
12. Linvoy – 150pts, 217th
13. Ninja – 142pts, 230th
14. jbaker – 139pts, 236th
15. tracyc – 136pts, 244th
16. stillthewhizz – 119pts, 291st
17. Owens – 104pts, 354th

Take a bow fellas (and tracyc)

Now all this shows that once again Vital Pompey and the Vital Network as a whole is growing which of course is excellent news but let’s remember something ‘Toronto4Pompey’ mentioned a while back that has become a bit of a mantra of mine when publishing these stats and that is; that its ‘quality’ not ‘quantity’ that counts, which is true of course but once again it’s fair to say that the quality of what get published on Vital Pompey is second to none and if we can maintain that I’m sure we will become the biggest, not just the best Pompey site on the internet.

Finally, as always remember every bodies contribution is valued and valid and it really doesn’t matter if you just log on for a minute or two to take part in the polls or the prediction league… but as I say every month, next time you do just spare a minute to say ‘hello’ in one of the many forums or article discussions going on, you’re guaranteed a warm welcome.

I’ll be back with more stats in early February … Lucky You 🙂

Written by Chix.

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23 Replies to “Vital December – An Anoraks View”

  • excellent stuff Chix… the ‘downfall’ of rivals has seen an upturn in fortunes for this network – i believe that the rivals lot for both bournemouth and blackpool brought across the rivals sites, which meant an increase in members and so on, i think millwall has also done this back along – so when you also take into the extra hundreds, probably thousands of members that they brought with them we are doing even better… we are getting bigger and better all the time, everyone’s contribution is vitally important, so long may this continue, if we keep working as a team we will rise even higher up the food chain and will firmly establish ourselves as not only the best pompey site on the net, but also the biggest – lets make it happen fellas!

  • its been a crackin’ start to the year – im still stunned by how far this site has come, and in such a short time tbh… keep up the good work fellas, and ladies 🙂

  • 9th is still great stuff. Not sure what Blackpool & Bournemouth have so much to talk about. It must be a beach thing.

  • For info Villa and Millwall (the top 2) have over 7 times the amount of active contributors than we do and Bournemouth and Blackpool more than double – Pound for pound Pompey, Rotherham and Leeds have the most active sites per membership..

  • come on then – how do you know how many members my site has? I ‘m intrigued! Good article though 🙂

  • 200 club!! That’ll do me! good research chix, just exactly how much sleep do you get? Seen you post here at 1am and 6am. I’d struggle!

  • 4me – Chix is our nigh*****chman you know. I just made 400 which was my target but only just.

  • Id rather have a small community then a large one, and were not to far off the pace, in 9th, it seems like the big four are going to pull away, but perhaps we can challenge for a top six finish, and hope for europe : )

  • i performed pitifully, in a measly 10th…but considering i was out of the country for half of the time, its not bad (and i am now 10pts away from bettering last month already!)

  • Merlin… I don’t know how many ‘members’ your site has but I do know how many made a contribution in any given month..Without boring the others too much I scrape the data from the members league table into a database, multiply that by the ordnance survey grid reference for your next away game then deduct the number of points your club has accumulated over the past 9.45 months then add that total to the daily interest rate that Roman gets on his bank account and Bob’s your aunties live in lover .. it’s quite simple really .. as an example did you know that on average each of your members contributed 80 points during December… Whereas Millwall did 50 and Villa 51 …

  • Eastneydave, I never realised that ‘nigh*****chman’ would come out as ‘nigh*****chman’.. what a ‘*****’ I am 🙂

  • wooo … that was ******y .. posted the same thing at the same time …. wouldn’t it be weird if it happened again…

  • Hang on minute … nighT WATchman I can accept being *’d but
    S P O O K Y .. whats’s wrong with that ???

  • i could tell you how many members you had merlin… but i dont wanna do that 🙂 we’ll be catching the like of chelski one day, vital pompey is on the up…

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