Date: 2nd March 2009 at 8:07am
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So, I ‘sold my soul’ this weekend, I stooped to depths that I did not think were humanly possible for me – I ‘supported’, and really supported Manyoo! I of course follow them when they are in the champions league and do want them to win, but never have I in a domestic game. I ‘celebrated’ when they scored penalties, and cheered when Spurs missed. Thankfully this ‘allegiance’ to the Mancs was soon ended, and no sooner had the final penalty gone in and the players run to Ben Foster to celebrate had sky sports been flicked other to cricket, albeit only a temporary measure until something else was found to watch…

Lucifer will one day come to collect on this, but hey that is for another day, I have ‘bigger fish’ to fry now and focus on – by this I of course mean Chelski tomorrow!

If you had not noticed results in the league did not go our way, teams around us picked up points and it is conceivable that we ‘might’ be not only languishing in the relegation zone come Wednesday night, but could well be propping up the rest… Well West Brom aside…

Few will expect us to get much from Chelski, hell we rarely do, but why bother if the towel is thrown in before we even play them? Last season saw us at last score, and we did pick up a point at Fratton. I still to this day maintain that we deserved at least a point at Stamford Bridge earlier that season, where we were mugged, and the return at Fratton and the point we got was the least we deserved.

Ok, I accept that games coming up, especially the huge ‘6 pointer’ with Boro the weekend after next, will determine our fate more but if we could get something against Chelski what a boost this would give us, and as crazy as it might make me seem – and yep, I know I always think we will win – I reckon we will finally end that hoodoo against Chelski this week, call me crazy…

People laughed at my confidence last season when I maintained my belief that we would go to Old Trafford and do Manyoo in the cup, whilst I do not, and to be honest have not had that same supreme confidence about many games since – of course I have felt we would win, but not been almost 100% convinced – I have this inkling that Tuesday could finally be the night… Again, let me clarify I am not expecting us to win, but would not be surprised if we did!

I think that we must all have surely come to realise that you should always ‘expect the unexpected’ with Pompey, we can never do things the easy way, things are never simple or easy. We will not only be expected to lose against Chelski, but most will expect us to be turned over – the crazy world of Pompey, even more so given our current position, makes it even more likely in a bizarre way for me that we will do the Londoners you know!

Of course Chelski still harbour ambitions of winning the premier league this season, but come on lets be honest here Manyoo have this wrapped up, no doubt the first few letters, if not the whole name are again already inscribed on the trophy.

So, without a shadow of a doubt our need for points is far greater than theirs, so come on Pompey lets dig in, show resilience and not roll over and die for them – lets show Hiddink, Abramovich and his crew, also reminding the media that Pompey is not dead by a long shot, that we are still fighting, and have no intention of going quietly, in fact sod that we have no intention of going at all (from this league!)

How I would love to be doing a ‘Bjorge Lillelien’ on Tuesday – Lord Attenborough! Lord Coe! Sir Laurence Olivier! Sir John Mills! Suggs! Eric Bristow! Vidal Sassoon! Roman Abramovich – can you hear me, Roman Abramovich! Your boys took one hell of a beating! Your boys took one hell of a beating!


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