Date: 20th June 2009 at 11:13am
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Club News

What an eventful week this week, eh! ‘Pompeygate’ has absolutely DOMINATED the headlines, and in particular one red-topped tabloid has decided to spew filth from its gaping cavity-filled mouth. If you’ve missed any of it, you need to click here to get up to speed. There’s a link to the original ‘Pompeygate’ story that ran in The Scum.

Obviously these outrageous allegations that The Scum are alleging prompted a response from the club, which can be read here.

What is more comforting though, in my opinion, is that Dr SAF’s representatives have also issued statements saying that the proposed transfer of the club to him is still on, and still within the rules o the Premier League. To read that statement, visit here.

Are you on Facebook? If so, click here to register your disgust at The Scum and in particular Shaun Custis for his sins.

Rug is even calling for legal action – see why he wants this here.

One last item on the whole saga can be found here. powered_by_pies has written a brilliant article with his views on the matter. Well-written and well worth a read.

More positive news – August could see the return of crowd favourite Pedro Mendes at Fratton Park as Rangers visit pre-season on August 3 2009. For ticket info, click here. If you are planning on attending, make sure that you give the Portuguese midfielder a warm reception – I definitely will!

The fixture list has also been announced, and we kick off the 2009-2010 campaign against Fulham at Fratton Park. For more information on the fixture list (not a complete list unfortunately due to the idiot suits. You know the ones, the guys have Prawn Sandwiches at Wembley and leave a big gap in the stadium for the first fifteen minutes of the second half whilst they finish drinking their Champagne), click here, and to see Rug’s take on the list, click here.

Squad News

Yet more speculation surrounding Johnson this week, as Peter Storrie confirms that a bid has been accepted for Glen Johnson. Read all about it here.

The only thing that really seems to be the issue surrounding Johnson is where he’ll be off to if he goes. Liverpool were firm favourites, however Chelski look to have come in at the eleventh hour to try and snatch him away. Read about that here.

Johnson, if he goes, is clearly going to leave a massive hole in our team. As one of the most talented footballers in the country at the moment, he is going to leave some very big boots to fill. Read this article here to see why PompeyFCUK thinks that Younes Kaboul could be the man to fill those boots. I happen to agree 100% with this article!

Peter Crouch has also come out in the media and said that he is disappointed with life at the club. Read about that here . Also, see Peter Storrie’s response here.

Crouch has also been tipped with a move away from Fratton as German league Champions Wolfsburg look to bolster their strike-force. Read about that here.

For a more comprehensive update on all the players linked to moves away from Fratton, please click here . There are also reports that Arnold Mvuemba and Djimi Traore are moving away from Fratton. Click their names to read the respective articles.

Vital Pompey News

Read issue 2 of Sunday Summer Toast here.

Also, read an open letter that Rug has written to the club regarding all the latest speculation here.


Anyone that has not seen some part of ‘The Scum’s’ anti-pompey, or ‘pompeygate’ as they put it, smear against PFC and figures involved with the club now, and hopefully in the future, must have been on another planet recently.

As easy as it would be for me to encourage people to contact The Scum to complain about its obscene ‘reporting’ and/or its disgrace to the profession of journalism Shaun Custis, and actually publish email addresses to actively do this, and trust me I came close to clicking that ‘submit’ with an article, what is the point?

If we sent them offensive and abusive emails, as many would be lets be honest, that would make us no better than them – and are they actually going to take any notice and/or care anyway. If anything they will take pleasure from it as they will know it is doing ‘the job’ that they want!

Lets rise above them, it annoys, in fact hurt me – as I am sure it does every Pompey fan – when PFC is dragged through the mud and our name tarnished but The Scum is filth, the lowest of the low and the best way to hurt them and avoid its nonsense is to hurt them where it hurts most of all, in the pocket by not buying it.

Any paper that has the indecency to blame Liverpool fans for the Hillsborough disaster, and refuse to issue a sincere apology – not that this should ever have been needed anyway as such claims should never, ever have been made, not to mention accuse Liverpool fans of not only robbing the dead but also urinating on these bodies shows that it has complete an utter contempt for everyone and has no respect for the living or dead, or the hurt and pain that its actions will have on others.

Apparently the Pompey area is among the biggest selling areas in the country so just say no to The Scum!

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