Date: 20th July 2012 at 7:25pm
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Brinkmanship is something that us Pompey fans know a fair bit about, as we do most others things of a (usually) unsavoury nature due to the fact we have been faced with it so many times…

Are today’s thoughts about Pompey facing being liquidated before the season kicks-off another case of this or is it really the last chance saloon for this club?

Of course things are dire, lets not dispute this but liquidation was happening by such and such a date, then it was this date and then that!

This is not head burying mind; I am under no illusion that if something does not give soon there can be no other outcome but this…

The players, in the main, I do not care much at all for, or about, these days but the ones that I really do feel for, yet again, are the remaining ‘working class’ members of staff, such as you or I, that are again facing the prospect of being made redundant with more cutbacks being planned!

Then again if we are liquidated they will be out of a job anyway, so will cutting back on their measly salaries in comparison with those of the footballers ‘really’ make that much difference…

If players were not prepared to move on, or compromise on what they want to be paid off, in order to prevent liquidation before are they going to now?

You tend to think not, so if a takeover cannot take place until this happens lets just either get this takeover done now or whoever does not want to do this pull out and turn off the lights at Fratton Park!

My new season ticket came through today, having moved seats a little, but doubts as to if I can get to use this or not remain although as much as I love this club there is something that just does not seem to register now, and has almost had enough, dare I even say, in a way, does not care…

As ever I CANNOT say that I willingly want us liquidated but I just wish this would bloody well happen if it is going to.

Quit the brinkmanship, lets just liquidate this club if it is going to happen, no more ‘by this date’ rubbish, lets just do it already – if not, and saving PFC is really possible, lets just get on with it and make this happen…


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