Date: 16th June 2009 at 7:49am
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I will try to keep what I say fairly nice and simple, I do not really need to add much do I, just a little section either side of what Ivo Ilic Gabara, the spokesman for Dr SAF, has told BBC Sport about the current status of the Arabians takeover of Pompey.

What he says is the most important thing!

Gabara insists that there is no ‘limbo’ about the deal and the commitment is still there, more so: ‘the deal is far from in limbo.

‘Our enthusiasm and commitment has, if anything, increased. Any Premier League requirements can – and will – be met.’

He also responded to weekend reports that Dr SAF’s takeover is in any way connected to anyone with any connection to Citeh and their ownership – which would instantly rule out the deal as two clubs cannot be owned by the same controlling interest.

These claims have led to unwelcome, and unwanted media attention that has been dismissed by several figures over the past weekend. Doubts about passing the ‘fit and proper’ requirements have been raised but this will not be a problem and they will comply with these rules: ‘recent media coverage has been misleading. The buying party has always been Al Fahim Asia Associates – which is fully owned by Al Fahim.

‘He has always been fully aware of the disclosure requirements of the Premier League and its fit and proper person test, and has always intended to comply fully with these rules.

‘He knew this transaction would attract considerable media interest and was always ready to withstand the scrutiny.

‘If there are any investors who, as a result of this deal, acquire 10% or more of Portsmouth Football Club, they’ll be fully disclosed to the Premier League and made public.’

We again go back to waiting, and being patient although Gabara himself does admit that the sooner this is deal is complete the better and early July would be the preference but if it takes until mid or even late July so be it, being complete sometime in July always has been and always will be the case – and getting this done completely and thoroughly is a must!

We will get there, lets continue to sit tight and lets also just take the occasional rough patch, which the media is inevitably going to throw at us, with a smile – this will all be worth it in the end will it not? Remember, when this is all done we will be smiling as we will have so much to look forward to, compared to the future we were faced with that was looking pretty depressing! We might see a few ‘disappointing’ turns of events, but ultimately this will be so worth it…


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