Date: 29th May 2009 at 11:53am
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You cannot pick up a paper, well a local paper in the shape of The News anyway, without seeing something, well plenty to be honest, about the ‘revolution’ that could be about to happen at Pompey can you…

All-in-all I think the coverage that we have, or more to the point have not been given by the media on the whole has been scandalous – some of the ‘giants’ of the game only need a player to break a nail and this is mentioned on the hour, every hour, with a constant rolling ‘yellow strip’ shown, but nope, little Pompey – who, without wanting to get carried away ‘might’ become ‘very big Pompey’ in time – get little coverage, and what we do is often ‘mocking’ us, as per usual! I guess that said there is not too much that can actually be said at this time can there?

Anyway, back to the ‘local coverage’, and this has seen Pompey legends Jim Smith and Alan Knight both talk to The News in the last day or so…

Smith has urged Sulaiman Al Fahim to ‘make the dream come true’ and turn a historical club into a major club, but the whole deal is something that he finds ‘fantastic, amazing’.

‘The Bald Eagle’ knows that ‘if you are a manager it’s the sort of chance you dream of’ and it is one that he would have liked I am sure, but it is also one that a guy that he once worked under as a no.2 would be spitting feathers about missing, assuming everything goes to plan and there are no hitches with this takeover and things go as planned…

In order for us to take our history, and the many positives that we already have in place, he also knows we must ‘build a new stadium’ to be able to ‘progress and attract players’.

He did also warn against us getting too carried away until this is 100% undoubtedly rubber-stamped – and this could take some time, so lets keep things in check…

Knight, more than most, has seen several false dawns over the years and he is slightly cautious s a result but feels ‘there are some very exciting times ahead.’

‘If’ this all goes through without any hitches, as I keep stressing and we keep hoping, he feels ‘there’s no limit how far this club could go’ but also knows ‘it might take a little while, but I’m sure anything can be achieved.’

‘The Legend’ also paid testament to Peter Storrie who is said to have worked tirelessly on this deal: ‘I believe Peter Storrie was heavily involved in brokering it. If that is so, he could have saved the long-term future of the club.

‘He has taken a little bit of stick in the past but people have to give him full credit for this.

‘It looks like he’s done a tremendous job.’

Storrie has taken grief, and I will admit that I have swung back and forth on my views on him – I still think there is plenty about things that have gone on in the past that I am unsure on, as, and to be honest, I am him if truth be know but ‘if’ he pulls this off then we do owe him – and we cannot overlook Sacha, but my thoughts for him will come when all is confirmed that he moves on – great thanks as it appears we really were up a certain creek without a paddle and needed some form of takeover without a doubt…as it is, this one ‘seems’ as though it is beyond most of our dreams!

Whilst away on international duty and then a holiday, as he mulls over his new contract offer, Kanu has given this proposed takeover his blessing, he though has spoken to sky sports news about this: ‘We know the situation. We know what is going on now. We know we have a new owner and we have to move forward from there.’

A lot of players had been fully supportive of Paul Hart, with it said that not even he knew what was going on behind the scenes with this deal, and whilst it looks like he is almost certain to be overlooked and asked to return to his youth role – something that I maintain is the best thing for us, him and our future – ‘the King’ says that the players will all return, when they do, and will give their all for whoever is in charge as ‘it doesn’t matter who comes in, the most important thing is the stability of the club and I think that has happened now. The players are happy with that,’ although it is not just the players that are happy with that mate!

So, plenty to ponder, read through and digest here but some views and thoughts on them as always are welcomed guys – you know what to do, comment below…


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