Date: 14th June 2008 at 11:36am
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Southampton are to close parts of St Mary’s next season in order to implement further cost-cutting measures at the club.

According to this report from the BBC three of the four corners will be closed. This will affect around 700 season ticket holders.

This, along with cuts to subsidised bus travel and match-day staffing could save them up to £250,000.

Chairman Michael Wilde told their website. “We deeply regret having to take these measures.

“But unfortunately they have been forced upon us by the financial situation we find ourselves in.

“We now have to make some unpleasant and unpalatable decisions to get the finances back on track.”

These areas will be reopened for games where ‘huge crowds’ are expected. So not very often then!

Should we feel sorry for our neighbours down the road or laugh our pants off?

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38 Replies to “Saints Stadium Closure!!!”

  • yea i kind of agree its pretty harsh, bt lets face all the grief we’ve bin given in the past they kinda deserve some packback =)

  • we have had hard times over the years, did they care? nope…
    do i care that they are now having hard times? in many ways i shouldnt, the fact they went down and struggled doesnt concern me but i do feel for their ‘genuine fans’ that will be affected by this…

  • Laugh your pants off. The utter 5hit we took from them over 30+ years whilst we jumped from one cisis to another. Whilst we played Div 3 & 4 football. Hate them with passion but always love Pompey more.

  • Best news I’ve heard all week – Do I feel for them ? ….. Nope I think it’s really funny …. Bring on Aldershot as Hampshires no2 club…

  • I think it may be a little unwise to gloat when Pompey Still had a lower average attendance than Saints did last year and even without the corners the capacity is larger than Fratton!

  • my my my ..ive written about how they used to throw penny’s to us in th 70’s and as rug did they care about us as their talented manager( Laurie the Mac enema..sorry enemy- either will do) mixed old established stars with fresh young talent and took them to cup finals, as we fought relegation battles and went from one financial crisis to another, having to play their old cast off players….hmm what goes around comes around.

    Therefore I will feel sorry for them as it could all turnaround again one day

  • lets all av a giggle, lets all ava giggle la la la la laaah, la la la laah, lets all ava giggle etc etc etc

  • and the second verse is… lets take their man Dyer, lets take their man Dyer, la la la laah, la la la laaah

  • The Stains fans seem to forget that for years their Premier League ground had a capacity of only 15,210!! When we are at Wembley in the Community shiled they will be ‘dreaming’ of a Carling Cup tie at Exeter City!! How the mighty have fallen.

  • I think it is a real shame……….nah only kidding, we have taken a load of **** from them over the years, as has been pointed out, so reep what you sew boys. Just keep turning out the young stars and let us nick them off you. Got to be fair on one thing with em though, their youth set up is damn good and that is something we really do need to get a grip with and hopefully that is now happening.

  • “I think it may be a little unwise to gloat when Pompey Still had a lower average attendance than Saints did last year and even without the corners the capacity is larger than Fratton!
    Yep … Fair comment Jesus.. I’d all forgotten it’s the size of the ground that gains team points in the league not the results of games

  • But I reckon the size of the ground does have an effect cos when they were at the Dell (which was the size of a mouse’s armpit) the opponents had to get over half the players suffering from claustrophobia. Actually I had the misfortune to visit So’ton on Wednesday and as the train snaked past St Mary’s I took to thinking about how on earth they ever thought they’d fill such a stonker stadium when it’s far from being a football city like Portsmouth or Newcastle. Again, going on a bus past Archers Road where the Dell and the Hampshire country ground were, now replaced with Barratt homes, you get a sense of how they have taken the sport out of the heart of the city and built these overhuge places and struggle to fill them. Hope we don’t get it wrong with new stadium fantasies. Heard old Peter Shilton talking about how a storm took the roof off the Victoria ground in Stoke in the seventies and they had to sell their best players to mend it, descended into the second division and of course they’ve only just come back again.

  • my opinion clearly outweighed here… possibly as i have only know southampton to be better than pompey for a few years, before thew started going into decline. Administration is not something i would wish on any club, being froced into cost cutting measures becuase of financial trouble is the same. I would much rather beat them on the pitch than beat them becuase of our (very very VERY) good chairman.

  • ah yes carps, but as a self confessed recent Pompey convert, you havn’t had to put up with the ‘orrible scum supporters gloating over us for my entire lifetime! Therefore I say hehehehehehehe

  • I’m going to gloat for a while if I may, especially as someone pointed out that on Facebook the scum are trying to break away from what is known as the Portsmouth district on their National breakdown

  • A part of me feels it is wrong to gloat over their predicament. I remember the laughing, the snidey comments,The “we’re bigger than you’ll ever be” year after year. The I couldn’t give a ship attitude they had towards us. And yet Pity is all i can feel toward them, they should have kept their mouths shut and opinions to themselves. I have to admit; regardless who it is I hate to see another club drifting towards oblivion.

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