Date: 10th April 2008 at 9:00am
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Following our 9th Premier away win of this fabulous season & in doing so, breaking our points record in the top flight, in the modern era.

Our current total of 56 pts with 5 games to go eclipsed the 54pts of last season.

Looking back over the 4 previous seasons, I give you the pts total of the teams that finished 4th, 5th & 6th to compare.

4th – Liverpool – 60 pts.
5th – Newcastle – 56 pts.
6th – Aston Villa – 56 pts.
13th – Pompey – 45 pts.

4th – Everton – 61 pts.
5th – Liverpool – 58 pts.
6th – Bolton – 58 pts.
16th – Pompey – 39 pts.
20th – Scum – 32 pts. Relegated in last place. Love it. (sorry couldn’t resist).

4th – Arsenal – 67 pts.
5th – Tottenham – 65 pts.
6th – Blackburn – 63 pts.
17th – Pompey – 38 pts. The Great Escape.

4th – Arsenal – 68 pts.
5th – Tottenham – 60 pts.
6th – Everton – 58 pts.
9th – Pompey – 54 pts.

Other than 2005/06 which may be how the points could finish this season, the other 3 seasons have seen 60 pts or less for 5th. Everton have 60 pts already!

2003/04 & 2004/05 saw 60 & 61 pts good enough for champions league football. If only that was the case this season. It makes you think?

Written by statomatt aka storagematt.

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5 Replies to “Record Breakers”

  • If teams at the top have more points, it is reasonable to assume that teams at the bottom will have fewer. It will be interesting to see what the “lowest points without being relegated” will be this year. Less than 38 perhaps?

  • Great stats matto. I believe that taking all league games since the start of the great escape we are clear in fifth place.

  • Your right UKTony, when the relegated teams are poor & achieve very few points as with Derby this season & Sunderland in the past you get their share spread up. They talk about 40pts to stay up but you can’t assume too much on what you need for the uefa spots.

  • yes matto did you proud with these dave didnt he 🙂
    i think these stats do show that the league is improving, is the gulf between the top teams and those chasing getting bigger? i like to think that this season is proving that teams are slowly starting to catch ‘some’ of the ‘big 4’ as we are only 7pts behind liverpool, with everton only 3pts behind, so thats 2 clubs within a decent distance of them.

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