Date: 14th June 2009 at 1:24pm
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Pompey should be entering a glorious new era, yet the stability surrounding the club seems more uncertain than it was before any takeover talks – ok, maybe not less uncertain, but the futures of players that were expected to be retained to enable the club to ‘stabilise’ does not seem to be happening…

We have admitted that we will let Glen Johnson go if the price is right, and now Peter Crouch is today quoted in The News of the World as having serious ‘doubts’ about the direction that the club is taking, putting question marks once again beside his name and a future with us: ‘I’m really disappointed. We had Harry, we had Jermain Defoe and Lassana Diarra, we were in Europe and there were ambitions for the club going forward. Instead it has taken a backward step.

‘We need to sign some players without a doubt. That’s plain to see. Every Portsmouth player wants to find out what is going on.

‘Hopefully, things can turn around with new owners. We need to strengthen the side. But I’ve no idea about the new owners.’

It does not exactly make for pretty reading does it, and this is just a ‘sample’.

Should another big name be allowed to leave, as seems inevitable now with Johno, then I cannot see Crouchy being that far behind to be honest…

To be fair to the guy I can see where he is coming from as I am feeling somewhat the same…I thought, if not expected, this takeover to create stability and cut out the uncertainty. But deciding to allow yet another of our best players to go is not exactly painting a positive painting for the future is it?

That said, airing grievances in public is not exactly a trait that would sit well with some fans is it!

Then again, with that also said, us fans are able to do this all the time and despite the fact that the players get paid a kings fortune to play the game they too have rights do they not? They also want answers like we do – but they do not appear to be getting this so decide to go public, right or wrong…

I still cannot get my head round why we have decided to make it public knowledge that we are happy to let Johnson go at this point in time, this is clearly going to create even more uncertainty and discontent among the players, and lead more to think along the lines of Crouch – it is almost as if we want the players to go or something!

The sooner the takeover is complete the better, and it will be complete, but we need to start answering more questions instead of creating more questions to then be asked, which are not being answered anyway… By not putting all deals on hold until the takeover goes through is creating so many more!


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