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We can now see what PFCGino had to say when asked a few questions about Pompey, the season just gone and the one ahead along with the ‘possible’ future ahead.

Vital Pompey has previously brought you the ‘knowing me knowing you series’ – which is still running, so others will be added and if you want to do one just email – and we had the ‘talking Pompey with’ series last summer, this now returns under a new name and some fresh questions as ‘Pompey talk with’…

PFCGino was asked 6 questions about the 2008/09 season and what the hopes are for the 2009/10, one and indeed our future, is.

This is what they said…

  • So, sum up the 2008/09 season in 3 words?
    Bloody hard work! Highs, Lows, you name it, we’ve had it this season!

  • Suddenly things seem ‘a lot brighter’ for Pompey with Dr SAF taking over – what are your hopes/aspirations under the new ownership? Assuming everything goes through!
    I’m sure it will go through – business dealings take time and with the state of our financial affairs (apparently) then I’m not surprised it’s taking a while. If I was Dr SAF I’d want to make sure I’m buying a financially viable business too.

    Under the new ownership I’d expect the following:
    – A New Stadium – I’m assuming Dr SAF likes the city of Portsmouth and sees potential in developing shopping complexes, hotels and the like. I would expect, therefore a new stadium that both achieves his business aspirations and our footballing needs. A stadium that can not just serve the people of Portsmouth, but also various other things, for example the Olympics (might be a bit late for that though), the World Cup etc.

    – Better training facilities – at the end of the day, players and coaches spend most of their time here, so the facilities should be top-notch. Again, these could be utilised for World Cup/Olympic training camps etc.

    – New manager and players – I will elaborate on this a bit later on, but I’d expect a new manager (whoever it is) to come in and have the ‘power’ to give the squad a complete overhaul, and separate the wheat from the chaff.

  • Which players – that we could realistically sign – would you like to see arrive this summer?
    Well, I have been thinking about this quite a lot and I could go on FOREVER! There’s a little known Paraguayan player (who we will actually see in action pre-season) who plays for Benfica called Oscar Cardozo. He has scored 30 goals in 55 starts and is a powerful forward, similar to Judas Jermain. Michael Owen still has a job to do, and I think a fresh start at Pompey could also kick-start his career. He does have potential, however is a liability with regard to injuries. Also, I think bringing in a few European players, such as that man we were linked with, Saviola, and D’Alessandro I’d like to see back at Fratton. Fellaini from Everton would also be a fantastic signing, although I doubt they’d let him go.

    Those are attack-minded players, so defensively thinking I would consider splashing the cash on a top centre-back to replace Sol, such as Lucio (although some may say this is unrealistic, I don’t think so if we have money!) Bonera from Milan would be pretty good I think. There is also a 24 year old defender who has just signed for Milan called Thiago Silva – perhaps a loan deal could be done for ‘experience’ purposes?

    Also, I’d like to bring in a ‘keeper, because James is dipping in form and I think a bit of healthy competition would do him good.

  • If you had to select 1 player to ‘sell’ or ‘release’ this summer who would it be and why?
    There are LOADS I would get rid of *Cough* UTAKA *Cough*, so I’m going to assume this question means first teamers. So, I would say Peter Crouch. I personally think that the strikers have been largely disappointing this season, and Crouch in particular has been poor. For a 7ft tall giant, he can’t head the ball down to players, which is what he is obviously being made to do. Don’t get me wrong, the lad has skill and I think he’s a good player, I just think in terms of the entire team, he doesn’t really fit. Just my opinion, and I know a few of you guys will slate me for saying it!

  • What are you hoping for from Pompey in the 2009/10 season?
    Survival mainly. I think we need to recover from this season with a steady one – we need to steady ourselves a bit, get a decent manager in and keep him there, and get squad harmony up again. Once this has been achieved we can start looking to climbing up the table to those European spots. If we are ready and cracking on with the season by September time, a decent cup run in the League Cup and FA Cup will also, even if we don’t win it, prove that we are capable of big things.

    I’m also hoping Bilic will come in, as I’ve said before many many times he’s the one to get us great things – he is Mr Cool and will keep the squad happy, I know it. He’s turned Croatia into one of the top teams in Europe, and they are, on paper at least, pretty average (except Niko, Eduardo etc). I firmly believe this is down to squad morale and belief that the results will take care of themselves, and I think Pompey are similar to Croatia in that we aren’t amazing, but capable of amazing things. He’s the man to do it. Okay, so he’s not experienced, but I still think he has something to offer Pompey – the man is multi-lingual and has a Law degree so he is an intelligent person – he’s done his badges, he’ll pick it up piece of cake!

  • How many Pompey games do you expect to make during that season?
    Christ only knows! I go when I can, as I am on nowhere near enough money (I know my boss is a Pompey fan so I hope he’s reading this!!) and can’t afford a season ticket. I’ll go as often as I possibly can, and I’m giving serious though to the Portugal pre-season tour, and I expect I’ll go to another one, Basingstoke, or Eastleigh. Premiership games, I’m going to aim for 7 or 8, and if any of you have spare tickets, get in touch, please!

    Thanks to PFCGino for answering these.



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    13 Replies to “Pompey talk with PFCGino”

    • nice one Gino – but how dare you pick on crouch, i thought about not adding this because of it lol!
      seriously tho, this is all about opinions isnt it and you backed yours up with thoughts, so fair play – altho tbh i still maintain my thoughts that altho not the greatest player in the world he is still better than he is credited for… that said not £25m good as the express has ridiculously claimed we will ask for him!
      i get the impression that bilic impresses you Gino 🙂
      tbh, he would be the man that i hope we turn to now, there are plenty of people out there but i think he is probably the option that i would like us to turn to now – a job share until november methinks…

    • Good thoughts Gino- Don’t want to get rid of crouch cause he has proven to be a difficult player to play against but I do agree that he needs to learn how to head the ball down.
      Hey I,m sure there is plenty of us who don,t have a season ticket cause of ??? Maybe we all should club together and buy a Vital season ticket that could be used by members when we are home or at the Landlords discretion. Rug? Just a suggestion. [Edited by rug]

    • race Great idea about the season ticket but not sure it is workable. Cost £600 (actually it is more now) games nineteen = £32 per game (roughly). How to be share the cost? and more importantly who see Man Utd and who Hull City?

      Gino good stuff as always, nice and brief and to the point lol

    • Thanks Dave, Race and Rug! Thought that Crouch comment would be a bit controversial!! It is my opinion though, and I’d like nothing better than for him to prove me wrong, so come on Crouchy, pull your finger out your ear and start heading some teasing balls through to Nugent/Kranjcar! The season ticket thing I don’t think would work – there will be too many squabbles. VP is here to unite, not divide, fans!!

    • Well said Gino. Although I think you are a little conservative in your wishes for survival. I hope we will do much better than that once we get going.

    • im surprised no one has picked you up on your owen suggestion, but i think he’ld be perfect for crouch. I still rate him very highly and know he would do well with peter. It is really just the mans injuries for me, but ild risk it. Although of course if we could grab a march on the rest and sign that cardozo fella, i wouldnt grown, far from it.

    • Hi Gino – good to read your comments, and its great that we don’t always all agree – how boring would it be if we did. Personally I’ll be gutted if Crouch does go after just being back one season. I’m not sure also about bringing in another keeper, Jamo’s form might have dipped a bit, but there might have been reasons for that, and we’ve got young Asmir pushing him anyway. Plus Rob Green is pushing him for his England place. As for Owen, love him, but too injury prone for me!

    • THanks for all the comments peoples – yeah I have a few controversial views, but hey that’s what this place is all about I guess. My thinking is that I don’t agree that Crouch fits in our team, and I don’t think he’s effective at what he’s been brought into do. Perhaps we should buy another beanpole striker like Nikola Zigic, and see if it works out? To be honest I don’t think it would – I’d much rather play the ball nice and quick along the ground and down the flanks than hoof it up to big Pete. We really ought to seriously consider Cardozo – quality player, check out his vid on YouTube – he is very similar to Judas Jermain, but better at taking pens!!

    • Gino Playing Crouch up on his own doesn’t help, but apparently Owen sent his CV to us & also Everton, Villa, Citeh, Spuds, & West Ham. So would come if we went for him?

    • I agree Yong, which is why I would get rid of him. The 4-5-1 we played was obviously so that Crouch can knock it down to the midfield – which he’s rubbish at doing! Half the time he’s outjumped which is, quite frankly, ridiculous lol

    • edited the comment race, as the arrows inserted kind of messed up the formatting – it think the page thinks some form of html is being inserted so it gets confussed…
      nice idea, but how the games are shared around could be a problem… i would suggest all names in a hat and first come first served – if dates were not viable then it is down to people to trade? for me, i do not care who we play i always want to go – luckily i do have a season tickets so im ok – if you guys could work something out i would happily be the ‘holder’ of it and could also ‘maybe’ try and get it as near to me, tony and mrs tony as possible?

      anyway, back to the comment, sorry Gino totally disagree with you on the thoughts that crouchy cannot knock the ball down and is outjumped all the time – he is pulled up for fouls all the time which is ridiculous as he does nothing wrong most the time, yet opponents are always pushing and pulling him and he gets nothing. crouchy does knock the ball down but with such an defensive midfield there is never anyone coming through, what can the guy do? he cannot play the 4-5-1 i agree, but that is because we should not play 4-5-1…

    • Fair point Rug, and perhaps the problem lies in the formation rather than the player. Not changing my mind though, I find myself getting frustrated at him when I watch him for both club and country because …… well I don’t know. I like the guy in that I can see he’s a laugh etc but I just don’t think he fits into our team as well as someone like Oscar Cardozo would – have you seen any of him on Youtube yet – pure genius!

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