Date: 14th January 2010 at 3:01pm
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Further talking from Ali Al Faraj’s bother Ahmed Al Faraj took place today, with him talking to The News.

Pompey owner’s plea to fans – give us your trust – here.

The following, which is easier to quote here but is also of course found on the link above, was said by Ahmed Al Faraj: ‘we need more patience from the football fans and the people to give us a chance. It is not right to be criticised for two months, that is not fair. We need six months or a year, after that they have the right.

‘It’s very hard but we are confident.

‘Be patient with us, give us your support. We don’t have anything to hide.’

‘The mess was huge when we took over, we couldn’t believe it. Financially it was unbelievable. We are now addressing this and trying to get everything into place and I promise you we are moving forward.

‘Things are improving from now and it will get better, especially financially. We are reducing the debts and stabilising. It is the toughest challenge I have faced, this is not easy.

‘If we don’t want it we would not have bought the club and we could have waited for administration and got it very cheap and not need to pay all this money. I would hope they (the fans) appreciate that and would support our backs and give us a chance to work with them and they will see the results.

‘Ali has promised them they will be in the picture very soon and they will know everything. Trust us.

‘I don’t blame them, they have been let down by different people.

‘But I am sure if they put themselves in our situation they would understand. We’ve had a problem because of the previous owners.’

More talking is good, but the cynical view will of course be they now talking, and talking so much, for a reason and maybe not a good one – in many ways they can do no right regardless!

Wages not being paid on time, for whatever reason, will always work against them – and rightly so in many ways – I guess so all we can do is ‘hope’ that there is some basis to what they say, but some physical signs of things happening are DESPERATELY needed though that much is obvious!

As for The News’ own motives – they back the protest march yet talk to those running the club, or involved with those running. Clearly they want to sell papers, they are playing either side on this to try and do all they can to sell them, but are not even running the full interview online you have to go out and buy a copy, now the cynic in people would have to see a motive here too…

We have asked for communication, we are now getting PLENTY of this but WHY, oh why are we not having this in the place that it SHOULD be taking place most of all, on The Pompey Site.

The official home to ANY club is where most the talking to fans should take place, so why is it not happening that way?

The problem these guys now have is that they now run the risk of talking to much and not delivering, being able to prove something to the premier league to get this transfer embargo lifted – which they seem to be taking along time to decide, which could be a worry – would be something, if this cannot be the case then all hell will break lose, right?

It is also said, also in The News, that Pompey feel the ‘winding up petition issue’ will hopefully be resolved ‘tomorrow’ with Mark Jacob saying: ‘once again people should be assured we are acting in the best interests of the club.

‘Hopefully it will be sorted out on Friday. It’s what is contained in the tax bill.

‘We are disputing figures, there is a substantial difference between our figures and theirs.

‘I have a feeling it will be a great week for Portsmouth.’

As I say some physical signs of things happening are most definitely desperately needed at this time, and we can only hope that we see this – and of course I sincerely hope and pray that we do…


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