Date: 23rd July 2009 at 10:57am
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Dr SAF’s takeover, is it all it seems? A certain ‘Al Fahim blog’, which I would not give to much credit to, seems to think otherwise. Interesting thoughts from blarmy though.

Read the article on Mr Al-Fahim with some interest and indeed with a bit of concern (at first!!).

It appears that possibly the long period of time for the takeover may have been down to the fact that SAF simply hasn’t got the money we thought he had. According to the report we were only 5 days away from going into administration (gulp scary). Sasha it would appear has possibly saved the day by agreeing to a settlement which although doesn’t relieve him of all responsibility, it will though give him some cash back and also proceeds from the recent player sales and proposed Crouch sell as well as, will give him some of the pay back he wanted.

SAF will assume responsibility as Chairman and take on the ongoing running costs and any new player purchase. Perhaps looking at this from the other perspective, is this perhaps a ruthless piece of smart business on his part? He has now taken control of the Club and is now a high profile football club owner. He has taken this role on yet clearly hasn’t had to fork out anywhere near what Sasha valued the club at and also left him with some of the debt!. He is left responsible for the new era and future spending with possibly a few million in his bank account more than originally thought, certainly by everybody ?accept maybe by the man himself. Did he have in the famous quote of Baldric, ‘a cunning plan’?

It will be interesting now to see what his 48 page document of proposals will bring, maybe nothing, a few million on players to keep us in the Premiership and offer some stability to the finances and that’s just about it. Or maybe we will get the eagerly awaited training ground and the plans for either refurbishing Fratton or ideally the new ground put into action and push our great club onwards.

Clearly interesting times ahead for the club?never a dull moment being a Pompey fan!!!!. Always be there, wherever, whoever we play–PUP


Written by Blarmy.

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13 Replies to “Portsmouth ‘takeover’ not all it seems?”

  • Although I have been publicly quoted as ‘continually trying to discredit this blog’ something I don’t think I have actually done other than to state that the writer (who remains annonymous) has an axe to grind with Al-Fahim – I do think (talking to different sources) that some of this is not that far from the truth. The version of events that I heard was that Sasha withdrew his ‘I’ll take the debts with me’ offer that he made back in March and Fahim therefore screwed him to the floor. Basically Sasha wanted the HIS debts cleared but Fahim said no and threatened to pull out and leave Sasha with a spiralling debt situation and a club in adminstration. As it turned out Sasha had no option other than to accept a position on the board in order to recieve payment of some of next seasons TV revenue and also the proceeds of any of HIS players sales.. Hence Crouch and Distin supposedly going. I’m also led to believe that Fahim (although not as wealthy as we had been led to believe) does has backers waiting in the wings and the reason the were not put forward at the time of the sale was that it was feared it would slow the process down even further.. Time will tell I guess but as it stands Fahim is the Owner but Sasha is still involved .. We don’t have pots of money but a certain German Businessman will come forward soon and invest heavily..

  • you wouldnt be alone chixy, not sure that its you personally that they feel is ‘continually trying to discredit this blog’ is it, unless mentioned by name as plenty do feel there is not much creditability about it… granted, like you say, some seems more likely than others, but i cannot help but come to the thoughts that ultimately it does seem too much like a disgruntled hydra properties customer – despite claims otherwise, or someone playing games.
    Dr SAF does not have wads of cash, those that ‘could’ be lining up with him, or maybe even in place of him in time, are the ones with the financial muscle methinks…

  • OH for God’s sake, can’t we do what the GVT does and bury this crap, or is that what the Maradonna story is trying to do.

  • Too much cloak & daggers going on. Is Dr SAF a front that doesn’t have the back up investment we thought. Didn’t see too many others chomping at the bit to buy us.

  • again i will say, like we keep saying, and have been saying for ages, this will be a gradual process we will probably find it very hard going in the opening months but when the next transfer window opens expect something more…
    i do believe that there is more to Dr SAF than meets the eye, and in a positive light, something that will be proven in time, and time is what we must now give people…

  • I read the blog yesterday and thought it sounded feasible to me. I don’t know what the Bloggee is trying to do. What does it matter how the deal is set up to us? Who cares? Is it anybody’s business anyway? As long as we are not in administration and can field a competent team next season, then I am happy. Anyone buying the club will be attracted by the property development involved. In order for the development to work, we need to fill the stadium, to fill the stadium we need to remain in the Prem and provide attractive football. Our investors will be like a guinea pig on a wheel they can’t get off. Its a win win situation for us as I see it.

  • Guys, look, if this were straightforward would it be the Pompey we all know and love? If we didn’t have the world giving us grief and telling us we are rubbish then I seriously don’t think it would feel the same. I am delighted we aren’t going bust. Anything else is a plus. Whether SAF needs money men to come on board or not, I really don’t care. I’m just looking forward to watching the team again in August, shouting my heart out and actually talking football. We’re in the Prem and we should savour that.

  • i just dont know what to believe, i sort of get a feeling that SAF is a front man, not disimular to MCFC takeover, but i am also worried that either it was Taksin who was backing him and is now out of the picture…or other investors who have equally done a bunk. As for a German,who is initialled HH?..her Hitler, her Himler, her handoverthecash…its first ive read about it.
    In all honesty i cant see what we have to offer as a Buisness (club) that several others around us cant offer a better proposition of( teams with infrastructure/grounds etc).
    I am worried, very worried yet…crazily hopefull that there is a large Xmas present hidden some where i cant see it, yet scared the reason i cant see it is because there is no present at all……….

  • It certainly seems that SAF doesn’t have the pots of money we assumed he did when he first came on the scene. and there’s some reason for the takeover taking soooooo long and Sacha still being on the board. As for there being more to SAF than meets the eye – that’s something that concerns me just a little! But the main thing is, we’re not in administration, we are still in the prem and have a whole season to battle to stay there. Things are going to be a bit different, because over-spending on players (transfers AND wages) is what nearly took us into administration, and the club’s going to run more within its means now. So we have to adjust our expectations for now, and hope that its true about more investment coming in, and look forward to the ground redevelopment.

  • Earlier there was an article on The News website about the takeover still being under scrutiny. Just gone back to post a link and its gone!!!! It was saying something about the f&pp not being all of it, and SAF’s investments and investors still having to pass league approval. The point was there was a really good comment by someone which seemed to explain things. I can try to remember as much as I can. It was something about SAF has paid a certain amount (£25million ish) which has paid immediate debts, kept administrator away and bought him a seat on the board and the title of chairman. Theres probably also the limited amount of money for players as well or included. Sacha meanwhile has not been bought out, so retains his seat on the board for now anyway. In the meantime Sacha, as a director, recoups his debts from the club from the sales of Johnson and Crouch. And SAF can take his time to bring in more investors between now and January. It seemed to make sense anyway – except that aren’t transfer fees usually paid in instalments not all up front at once?

  • Tracy, its like buying anything its down to the choice and fincial status of the purchaser. That is why we are/were in trouble, sasha gave Harry the club credit card and now he has to pay it off

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