Date: 19th July 2007 at 8:40am
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It appears that Harry Redknapp is prepared to listen to offers for £3m rated forward Lomana LuaLua.

LuaLua was allegedly going to hand in a transfer request on the morning that the Pompey offices were raided.

Harry had already had an apparently heated discussion regarding Lua’s late arrival for training. Lua was told that Pompey ‘minds’ were elsewhere. Wigan and West Ham are apparently interested.

Matt Taylor is the subject of interest to 4 Premiership sides. As always, Liverpool, Spurs and Fulham among them. However, one or two things give rise to possible reasons for this window being a little different.

Firstly, We are actively in the hunt for another striker and or wide man. This is possibly why both us, and Lua are prepared to listen to offers. We know we can reel in some sort of fee to offset our outlay this close season, and Lua knows another season is going to go by without him being an automatic choice.

Matty is in a similar position I feel, I’m prepared to be shouted down, but I don’t think Matty will be a first choice for us this season. The Herminator and Muntari will I imagine occupy the two automatic choices on the left side, and if not, I can’t see Matt replacing Sulley in midfield. Why else would we break our transfer record?

One other thing is that Matt is a well known Spuds fan, and a move from them is likely to be too tempting.

Some thinning of the squad is needed, but who?

One piece of buying news is that we are apparently in for LUKE YOUNG of Charlton. Can anyone explain why we need another right back? I appreciate that he is an accomplished defender, but are we not already served well enough in that department?

Give me your opinions on these and any other movement you fear or indeed would like to see, seeing that, even in these heady times we have to balance the books.


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  • before anything else thank you pentonpompey for again sharing your views in article format… tbh i do like lualua but i think it is getting close to the points now, if it has not already been reached, that it may be best for all concerned that he moved on? altho i am happy for him to really knuckle down and prove his worth – but i am not sure he will be up for it… matty taylor wont go anywhere, i personally think he will start most games on the left as muntari will probably start alongside mendes in the middle, but players can and will be rotated to keep them fresh… yep, the books need to be balanced but tbh i cannot see us needing to sell anyone – players deciding they want to go may be another matter…

  • What about Kranjcar. From what i’ve read he seemed to have played well against Eastleigh, and towards the end of the season he was showing some talant. Will he have a place in the starting 11 next season?

  • As pompey rug points out, Muntari does not play on the wing, he plays on the left of centre mid. They had big disscussions about this on the Quay the other night. It seems people assume he plays on the wing because he is left footed.

    You will also note that Nikko prefers to play behind the strikers in an attacking midfield role than on the left. This still leaves Matty as a solid shout for left mid. He is like Riise for Liverpool, so useful because if you are loosing you know you can take the left back off and drop him into that role, knowing full well that he will still get up the park to get himself into shooting positions. Let’s be honest anywhere on the pitch is shooting position for Matty.

    Lua Lua I still think is good to hold onto as a supersub. I know most the fans want him to leave, but I still think there is a role for him if he wants it.

  • there are not many teams apart from united, chelsea and liverpool – not even arsenal or spurs even with the money they have spent – that have virtual like for like replacements in terms of quality… with the squad pompey are assembling here we very nearly have this, which is what you need to be successful… in order to keep this squad we need to keep players happy, to do this they need to play a part of a successful team – so as long as we are successful in the coming years players will not want to leave and they will all have a part to play… some of our squad are starters every week, but we still have areas that we can and will switch around…

  • Matty taylor is still in my starting 11, so i dont see him leaving. Like nugent, pompey wasnt his boyhood club, but i think he will stay. lualua can come off the bench and do well, however with harry redknap thinking Kanu could be our “supersub” – this may seem more unlikely. Luke young is just another rumour, as the press just link us with anyone, even if we dont need them.Nikkos position is still a little in doubt, as he fits perfectly into a 5man midfield, slotting in behind a striker – as we played in away fixtures last season, and againse eastleigh, although he could potentialy come in and fill the left side of midfield (for muntari) or come on for taylor, so he is also quite versatile.

  • We will play with various formations this year and we will need as big a squad as Harry can put together.
    Lua Lua is a decent player, and will be involved all season provided he can stay injury free and that African Cup Competition, we should not let him or any of the current squad, Griffin excepted go.
    Niko is also a class act and i feel that we will see the best of him this year, and he appears to be a player the man favours.
    Muntari is playing his way in to the team and its methods but looks to have a good range of passing and a decent first touch, plus he is a solid lad.
    Luke Young, i hope not, sell him to bloody Fulham.

  • Are we preparing another bid for Kanoute. Would be a nice addition to our growing striker list 🙂

  • Earlier in the year Linvoy said he felt Harry would go for a new experianced forward and a new younger one. We just need Kanoute to bring that about. Lua has had a terrible personal tradgedy which has been hard for him to come to terms with i believe, and a fresh start may be good for his soul. Matty Taylor- as i pointed out in the geovanni article- Is a willie mckaye player and I think Mr McKaye will make mischieve in the papers..Ive also got a hunch that Taylor and Harry may some time clash a little, which I admit I have no more evidencefor other than the post match interview after the wigan game when we stayed up.The interviewer was probing matty to get some praise for Harry from him and matty quick as a flash diverted the praise to the players..I cant explain in words the way it looked or came out ..

  • The herminator is not as good as taylor and Muntari is not a winger so i think Taylor will most likely be 1st choice. Plymouth graham, I am advised that Matty and harry dont get on, but we have not signed a taylor (made 😛 ) replacement. Also i understood it is Everton after him not spurs. In regards LL it was evident at yeovil that some fans did not want him to succeeed so maybe if kanoute comes its best that LL goes.

  • and is andy cole still here? if he is, why? i dont see him having much of a future here. With regarrds to kanute, he is not going to get any younger, and whilst he may get goals this season, he wont next season, or the time after. I dont really like defoe, but i’m sure that he would make a good experianced signing, and possibly help Nugent in his calls for england call up (they partered each other against andorra…when nuggent nicked his goal :)…) The thing that cought my eye was us being linked with peter crouch, although i dont really see this happening.

  • NO NO dont start believing those rumours for him especially when he is valued at 20 million.
    Even the Liverpool fans are laughing at that valuation.
    Kanoute must be telling people he wants to go if that one has raised its head again, maybe he has looked at the squad and thought it might be good to join in, or maybe he will be like Diomansy and go to the revolution in West London !!

  • I still think as I said the other day, that Kanoute will come here. As Plymouth, rightly say’s Matty is a Dodgy Mckay Player, and as we all know will do almost anything to earn a crust. Possibly nothing in the rumour; but it must make a player think.

  • I see Lee cook has gone to Fulham, they have got a good young player there, we were reputedly looking at him.
    Harry must feel that we dont need anyone else to play out right, will Cook improve under Sanchez, not a chance, shame he looked pretty good.
    Matty will stay, he had the chance before to go to Spurs didnt he but he wasnt interested, Everton for Matt no chance, what a sideways move that would be.

  • The official site says that some more business could be done, A striker and maybe a wide player. But for both; movement must be made the other way….So who do we think will make that move then? I can’t see it just being the likes of Griffen and Cole, Thats just wages only saved! The Board are going to want some money back in the coffers surely to fund these others, unless of course they are out of contract freebies.

  • i heard somewhere lualua may be going 🙂 – someone else suggested a swap deal for kanoute (sounds good)could be on, or, more likely, for camara (if we want him). Griffen and cole will both probably leave, but then, i would have thought that they both would have gone by now – and they havn’t. Davis looks like the most likely man to depart from the midfield, as we seem well covered there – maybe a swap for Yak. Wow, i like these swaps…

  • Signing Young would enable Harry too Play Lauren as Right Midfield instead of Right Back, so maybe thats the reasoning behind the Young bid.

  • Trouble is Carpet; I like Davis, I’d be sad to see him go. I said when he first came to us, unfit and match short, that once he got both up to speed that he would be a good player; and so he’s proved to be! Can’t deny his commitment or skill on the ball. I think he was possibly our best player against Havant. I think he’s turning out to be a bargain.

  • Lua Lua is a talented footballer but he does have an attitude problem. He has a mind of his own and sometimes that shows on the football field when he selfishly goes for goal. If he goes his trickery will be missed, his personality not so….

  • I’m with Penton on Davis, his main downfall is a lack of goals, but there is no doubting his commitment

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