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tracyc answers some questions for Vital Pompey as we focus on the members over the summer months.

I know it was a miserable season, overall, and reflecting on parts of it will be the last thing you want to do but we had to take one for the team!

So, sum up the 2009/10 season in 3 words?
What the #####?!

What was your season highlight?
Actually there are a few in the season where we went to the FA Cup final and beat the scummers in their own backyard! Winning the quarter final against Birmingham was a pretty special moment. But it has to be winning the semi-final against ‘Arry’s smug lot, and knowing we were coming back to Wemberley for a cup final again. Especially as I went there fearing we would lose.

12-months ago things were meant to be looking ‘a lot brighter’ with SAF taking over, we all know this panned out! Charlatans come and gone and we are where we are now. But what are your hopes for our future?
It has to be stability. To start rebuilding, and playing ‘proper football’ against proper fans again. I’m expecting much better atmospheres in the Championship than a lot of the time in the prem. And hopefully we can start to build this stability unless less of a spotlight from the media, now we are not in the premier league.

Lets be honest, not much, if anything will come through the Fratton gates player wise this summer. Even so, who, realistically, would you like us to sign this summer? Taking into account we will spend little, or no money, assuming we are not under a continued transfer embargo anyway…
To be honest, I don’t really have any names to suggest. I just hope that anyone we sign plays their heart out for the shirt and the club, we don’t need any prima donas.

Several will go for sure, but who would be the player that you would choose to sell if you could anyway, and why?
Top of that list for me is David Nugent. Unless a new manager can turn him around, I don’t think he has a future at the club and he has burned that bridge with some of his comments. We won’t get back the £6 million we paid for him, but whatever we can get would be a bonus.

And the player that you would love us to keep at Fratton Towers if we could, and why?
David James, David James and David James. Top class keeper, (England’s no. 1) top class professional, top class guy (taking pay cuts, paying staff wages to keep them on) and he does seem to have taken Pompey into his heart as well. Plus he said that he wants to stay at the club in the championship, knowing this will mean a further pay-cut. In the twilight of his career, but, injuries permitting, a few more years as a player yet. And perhaps we can help him move into management too.

What are you hoping for from Pompey in the 2010/11 season?
Players who will play their hearts out, good atmospheres home and away and the start of some financial stability. A genuine new owner with the desire and the means to take the club forward would be nice as well.

How many Pompey games do you expect to attend?
All the home games, probably, and a handful of away matches.

Finally, as it is a world cup summer how do you think England will do?
Hmm . . At the tail end of last season I wasn’t even sure I was going to care about the world cup, players like Gerrard fouling and hurting our players with no comeback, and I generally started to despise them and the premier league. But there’s been a few weeks now, Jamo will be playing . . . and I’m starting to get into the world cup spirit.

I’m even feeling a bit optimistic, I have a lot of faith in Capello, and I think England could win it! Then again Ferdinand is out now, and we usually go out in the quarter finals, don’t we.

Questions answered by tracyc, thanks for your time.

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  • On Ya tracey, I think Jamo would be massive for us next year..Linvoy out of retirement and Hermi back in, bring it on…

  • When tracyc says ‘Especially as I went there fearing we would lose’ I can testify to that as we all travelled together.

    Great stuff tracy – let’s us from more of you!!

  • Yes Tracy, I hope Jamo stays. Wouldn’t it be great if Linvoy came out of retirement as well? Isn’t he injured tho? I thought it was great that going to the Spurs game, we all thought we would lose, but none of us said so. Am also looking forward to games with loads of atmosphere – and of course, cherry picking the best seats ready for when we come back into the big time again……:-)

  • PS: Maybe if we can get a gang up with Geoffrey doing the driving, I might get to some more away matches?

  • Gandor that could be a great plan – when the fixtures come out next week we can start plotting!

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