Date: 26th July 2009 at 11:00am
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Underhanded, Jamie’s Dad? Surely not, that is not ‘his style’…

He had already this week been ‘whinging’ about wanting to sign him, but did not have the money to take Peter Crouch to Spurs so he would not pay what was asked, £12m.

It would seem that his ‘mind games’ have worked once again, as the BBC is now reporting, as the Sunday papers had, that Pompey have accepted an offer from Spurs for the England striker, some £2m short of what Sunderland would have paid at £10m.

Whilst we must bare in mind that these thoughts came from our ‘old friend’ Alan Nixon at The Sunday People, the ‘claims’ today are that the former Pompey manager was going to wait until the final week of the transfer window to ‘lure’ Crouch back to Spurs, as by doing this he is ‘alledged’ to see this as ‘having Pompey over a barrel’ and could then get him at a ‘knock-down’ price?

‘If’ today’s rumours are true, that a £10m offer has been accepted, then in the space of a few days his ‘shameless’ public speaking once again has knocked £2m off the price we should have got, so imagine how much could have been knocked off had we waited until the final week of August before letting him go – the guy has no shame, morals or respect for anyone but himself!

In another twist, from Nixon, it is also ‘said’ that he is risking our wrath even more by again attempting to take David James to Spurs as well! Front, udders, cows – just come of the words spring to mind, but the thing is you would not put any of it passed him.

So, it appears that Crouch is going back to Spurs, with it ‘said’ this is something he has made clear to Pompey he wants.

Sod the pair of them – not the Pompey no.1, to make that clear – in fact anyone that does not want to play for the shirt – this is what we need this season, and this is what we will end up with and find out who does. Time to separate the men from the boys and get the club back to a sound footing that we badly came off. It seems ‘horrible’ seeing this team dismantled, but give me players that play for the shirt, the club and the fans any day of the week – oh, and at an affordable cost. We are sorting out the infrastructure of the club, it might not look pretty, but in the long-term future it will pay off.

The relationship between Pompey, Jamie’s Dad and Spurs is ‘fragile’ to say the least, should the latest ‘turn(s) of events’ unfold as reported then this will be stretched yet further…


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