Date: 26th April 2008 at 11:44am
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Sol Campbell has had a glittering career and now at the age of 33 some might think he might fancy a nice easy life, hopefully winning the FA cup then quietly slipping away – but that is not for him as he has no intention of doing that.

As he told The News as he has looked after himself over the years he intends to carry on for sometime yet: ‘I’ve always known if you look after yourself properly, you can have a long career.

‘Back in the day, players didn’t look after their bodies so much and the treatment wasn’t as good.

‘People outside football clubs have got to recognise that times have changed and players look after themselves so much better these days.

‘Look at the Italians. They have been looking after themselves properly for a long time.

‘It’s about having good habits from the age of 14’.

I do not doubt that Campbell will carry on his career at the top level after this season, but to be honest I am not sure if this will be at Fratton Park?

He has had some games this season where you think ‘the fella is finished’ then he will come back with an absolutely blinder reminding you just what a world class performer he is. For me a lot of it with Campbell is a mental conditioning thing, if he is happy mentally where he is – we are matching his own ambition and so on he is happy, if we seem to be wavering his focus seems to go.

One thing that we know for sure is that he will be on big money next season – so this could play a part in him staying or not? I am torn to be totally honest, I would like him to stay as his quality and experience would be missed a great deal but the lapses in concentration and ‘the poor games’ have grown this season – maybe if he could have been rested more it would have been different? Chances are this could happen more next season if he stays.

Either way, staying or not hopefully it will be a case of ‘when Sol goes up to lift the FA cup we’ll be there, we’ll be there!’ come May 17th. If we win it and that proves his last action as a Pompey player, what a way to end that will be…


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