Date: 21st October 2007 at 7:36pm
Written by:

Why can the media just not leave David Nugent alone? They may have for a while, but today’s news of the world claims that Derby will make a £7m move for him in January.

Virtually since the minute that he arrived he has had the boot put to him whenever possible, but why? He cannot be considered a flop as he has hardly featured recently – but even when he has got on he has always looked lively enough for me, showing enough to suggest he has plenty to offer Pompey, would you fellas not agree?

Maybe in his early showings he was trying too hard, but although he might not be young young anymore, he is still young enough to have plenty of time ahead of him and can only be learning from the players around him.

To be honest I would like to see him playing, but with the lone striker being deployed by Harry Redknapp more often than not and this working, with this being Kanu firstly and now Benjani – with the latter in fantastic form, goalscoring form too at that – things cannot really be changed can they? He will need to remain patient, wait for the chance and take it when it does come – and it will.

My thinking is that selling him anyway would be a pointless exercise. Yep, most admit that a new striker in January would be wanted, but what benefit would there be in selling a striker just to bring another in, why not keep Nugent and if another striker really is needed get him as well? The argument can be that we will need to sell to buy, but the indication is that Sasha Gaydamak is prepared to bankroll a new striker arrival anyway, as a ‘reward’ for our fine start to the season.

With all this said should Derby seriously offer £7m for a fella that did not even cost us this amount it could prove too good to refuse! But do I honestly think Derby would offer such an amount? I would say no.

Personally I really do think that Nugent has plenty to offer not only Pompey but also England in the future so I really hope that he is not sold – as I have said plenty of times before.

We are looking to build a squad, not dismantle it so as much as I would accept some players have to go I really do not see why any should have to go in January – some may decide they want to go though, but the thoughts constantly emanating from Nugent are that he does not want to be one of them?


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