Date: 2nd September 2009 at 9:10am
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Peter Storrie appeared to spell it out fairly clearly, when talking to sky sports news last night, that it seems very much as if David James did want out – he did not manage this, so now it is up to him to get his head right and prove himself a worthy no.1 here again, as he sure as hell will not regain his England no.1 shirt if he sulks and moans up until January!

The impression given was that James, and his agent, very much had wanted out so it appears that all the paper talk of him wanting this was not rubbish, and in actual fact was true!

I am sure that had we had a straight up money offer he would have gone, but Spurs were only offering a ‘player swap’ deal involving Carlo Cudicini as the Spurs board told Jamie’s Dad ‘no’ to a money offer, a word he does not like hearing very often…

James is ‘said’ to have ‘no faith in the management’ at the club, hence why he has suddenly wanted out.

I say you are paid, and paid very well, to do a job so just get on and do it – too many of these modern day prima-donnas only play when the going is good, when it suddenly becomes tough or the do not like their surroundings any longer they want to go, the working class fans – such as you and I – pay a fortune to watch them, so it is time that more of them started respecting this and just get on with what they are paid to do!

And in all fairness I feel we now have a bunch – on the whole – that will do this.

Respect is something that I have always had for James but I have lost a large amount of this recently… Respect, and trust, has to be earned so in my eyes he needs to regain this…

Asmir Begovic is currently in possession of the no.1 shirt at Fratton, now James should have to prove himself worthy of getting this back.

We say that we only want players playing for us that want to be here, if James is not one of these, as no one met our asking price, if he does not want to do this then he may well have shot himself in the foot as he ‘could’, although unlikely, spend the next 3-months or so warming the bench. Like I say, he will not though, but I think he needs to be doing a bit of thinking as he has really blotted his copybook…

Due to this lack of ‘faith’ he is said to think that his world cup chances will be ‘ruined’. For me, the only person likely to ruin these chances is James himself!

Playing for Pompey has never been a problem before – if he needed ‘superstar’ players in front of him to look good then quite frankly Fabio Capello will not pick him, Capello picked him because he was the best. If he lets his mind wonder he will be far from the best.

So, James your own fate now rests in your own hands…


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