Date: 2nd September 2009 at 11:19am
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A well said, and well written piece from Pompey Malta – it is time to move on, forget the past that is where it stays, lets look forward now and do this with players that care.

“Cash-strapped Pompey”, “Crisis Pompey”, “Sinking Pompey” have, amongst so many titles, been used to describe Portsmouth Football Club for these past months. Papers have been suspicious of our future, our ownership situation and our player exodus while condemning us long before we kicked the ball against Fulham as relegation contenders.

Pompey fans, passionate as much as we are could not help ourselves having mixed feelings and spinning heads about everything that involves Portsmouth. Despite our long-waiting hopes for something to happen, something positive to happen that is, things started to go beyond our patience.

Papers helped our frustration every now and then, and at some point many were losing hope. For a team to lose Diarra, Muntari, Defoe, Benjani, Campbell, Mendes and Crouch in such a short time, can never make anyone smile, let alone Pompey fans who were hoping of a wonderful 2008/2009 season. Throughout that ‘tragedy season’ Portsmouth endured anything negative that could happen to a club; the owner decides to stop investing, three managers, an exclusive sale of players and a relegation battle. However, on the bright side of things there was that famous UEFA cup match, against Milan. Since Inzaghi punished our efforts, things started to go from bad to worse, until.

1st September 2009 was the day when Portsmouth Football Club, funded by the new owner Al-Fahim, proved that this club is not sinking its own ship. More players have left, but many more have come in. Portsmouth Football Club may be unrecognisable from the team that played Cardiff in the FA Cup final, but despite all the turbulence that the club faced, this club is now being re-built.

It seems that Hart managed to add the players that we needed at this club, at this particular time; players who are willing to give everything for the blue shirt. Storrie and Hart signed more than 10 new signings in a short period of time, some of them are average, but some of them have one thing on their mind: to prove critics wrong. Finnan, Piquionne, Boateng, Mokoena, Yebda and Ben Haim were all written off by their previous clubs, but now they are wearing a Portsmouth shirt and are willing to come good again. Mercenaries have gone.

Portsmouth Football Club will benefit. Our football will benefit. It is time to move forward and look on the bright side as Portsmouth Football Club starts anew. And we can hope, yet again.

Written by Pompey Malta.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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14 Replies to “Resurrecting Portsmouth”

  • Well said and lets be honest those so called stars that have left, last season got us into a relegation scrap through under achieving but at least with the bunch of lads we have got now know from day one what we are fighting for and seem to be thus far performing and saying the right things so the future is bright I thinks 😉


  • A good article PompeyMalta and wise words indeed. I agree that it’s time for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes .. I don’t want to read another ‘Portsmouth.. who had to sell Diarra, Defoe & Crouch…’ or Portsmouth.. Spurs boss former club now in turmoil…’ story pumped out but anybody – That is now History and as good (or bad) as it was it’s time to move on and get over ourselves
    Resurrected, Reborn, Revamped whatever .. It’s time to start again.
    We are not doomed to relegation we are not in debt (?) We do have a decent squad and we will go forward. Let’s judge Fahim on what he does rather than what he doesn’t .. Let’s judge Paul Hart on HIS team rather than his two predecessors.
    It is now in all our hands, so let’s join together and stand tall as Pompey and proud Jeez I’ve inspired myself now!

  • Ive not been overly impressed by the signings we’ve made, too many players with a point to prove and too many unknown quantities. Having said that Pompey are never better than when their backs are to the wall, the fans dig deep and raise the players. We will probably see a reduction in the JCL’s which can only help we will be left with the fans that get behind the team no matter what. I can’t see where the creativity is going to come from but we will all dig in Fans and players alike and fight this season together. Am i confident? Not really! Am i ready for the fight Hell Yeah! Lets raise the roof at grounds everywhere and show our support in the Great Escape was just a warm up for the real thing.

  • Here here! This is more like the old days – and I liked the old days. Robbie Pethic, Ade Whitbread, jumpers for etc . . .

  • Nice read Malta, we’ve got a decent squad compared to what we had a fornight a go, and one that is up for a fight.

  • Good article, Malta, and very right, hopefully we’re all up for the fight now and we can turn this into a good season after all.

  • Having read our opposition sites I can honestly say I would be more worried looking at my squad if I was Bolton, Blackburn, Wigan, Burnley, Hull, Birmingham, Stoke to name but a few. The only thing they have going for them at present is self belief… something a quick qin like the Mendes goal against Man City can bring about in a flash. Watch it because actually I think we’re better than 14th I think we could finish 12th or even tenth.

  • This is Pompey fans: being positive. I have been very disappointed to see Pompey fans being down. It is time, it is time to wake up and look forward. This is more like Pompey! Cheers guys for making me feel better.

  • Not sure they were mercanaries; just think they played for the man not the shirt. Sadly I think the shirt kissing is all b0ll0x ( will that get deleted) now. Hopefully this lot will have more faith in the manager than some; me included have and play up for him. SAF has recently said we won’t have a new stadium until about 2016 disappointing but honest, the squad looks good enough to get 5 th from bottom and today I will take that cos it looks better than this time last week

  • I was genuinely impressed with the gusto of our performance against city and with the new additions i think it was just what the doctor ordered….no pun intended..well uncle pete and uncle paul

  • Other than the fact that we don’t have any good strikers, I’m more than happy. The press are doing their best to demoralise our players calling them hasbeens, rejects etc. Lets get behind them next Saturday and give them a real Pompey welcome. Lets show them that if they give us loyalty and hard work, it will be appreciated and returned in spades. Always remember what PH said, the team really do benefit from the noise the crowd make. (I know this sounds great coming from a prawny who sits in the south stand – but I do sit up the Fratton End bit and I do my bit, to the embarrassment of hubby). I’m really looking forward to the season now – Good onya Pompey Malta – it needed saying.

  • Russel, maybe you are right about them playing for Him. He can get his players very easily. I still cannot understand for instance, why Crouch left. Is he going to be happier to sit on the bench and see Defoe and Keane score the goals that he cannot? Mercenaries, there were some, not to mention them.

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