Date: 9th March 2009 at 12:47pm
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Whilst I do like to hear positive words from the players’ mouths and this can be confidence, and morale, boosting for some fans for me these motions being expressed solely in actions on the pitch is where its at…

Many of us had questioned some of the players commitment, but I think it is fair to say that no one can be questioned on the last handful of showings for sure and everyone is up for the battle ahead and they genuinely do want to dig us out of a hole.

With a massive game coming up against Boro – and this is a big, big game for sure – should Pompey win then it is a major step towards survival, if we lose then we really are in big trouble, so it goes without saying that plenty will be looking to ‘have their say’ in the media or on pfcTV, in the lead up but I do not want to hear from them!

Getting away for the time in Dubai will do us good, we are sheltered from the media attention to a large degree and the completely unified team bonding will take place – but I would prefer to hear little or nothing from the players in the lead up to this game, only on the field actions will count for anything really in this crucial week…

For me the only ones that I would want to hear from are Paul Hart, as he is our manager and is fully justified in talking about the game and Brian Kidd, not that I expect to hear from him – he too seems an ‘actions’ man. I guess hearing from Sol Campbell, something proactive, as he is our captain would again not go a miss, but again I would not expect to hear much from him?

Actions to be fair have been speaking fairly loudly recently, but going into what is arguable the defining moment in our season this weekend these on the field are something that are most certainly needed, so lets make these actions speak much louder than words ever could…


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