Date: 1st December 2009 at 1:32pm
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I suspect that most of you have now seen the articles about agent fees paid our by premier league clubs between October 2008 and September 2009, which saw more than £70m paid to them…

It is also well documented that we had spent WELL beyond out means prior to the brakes being slammed on, or should that be forced on by others?

Despite these well documented troubles, and the decreasing amount of money we paid out to sign players, and the increasing amount we bought in, we still paid almost £3.2m in agent fees in that time period – I guess due to the cuts given to these agents for the large fees being brought in?

This put us among the sides that paid out most in agent fees, with only Citeh, Chelski, Liverpool, Spurs, West Ham and Wigan paying agents more than us…

The full list is:
Arsenal – £4,760,241
Aston Villa – £1,708,374
Birmingham – £974,982
Blackburn – £1,610,885
Bolton – £3,166,611
Burnley – £468,398
Chelsea – £9,562,223
Everton – £2,008,407
Fulham – £1,469,258
Hull – £1,599,188
Liverpool – £6,657,305
Manchester City – £12,874,283
Manchester United – £1,517,393
Portsmouth – £3,184,725
Stoke – £716,042
Sunderland – £2,007,040
Tottenham – £6,066,935
Wigan – £3,527,548
West Ham – £3,576,972
Wolves – £1,235,703

Unfortunately, although I guess some would say fortunately, agents make so much money – and it would appear that the ones that we have dealt with, most likely the ‘usual suspects’, saw us coming!


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